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Now. We make comments, online comments, comments comments, comets comments. Cometh. You. Ask. Going on somebody's page in going over there just the liberal conservative. Did you ever have a conversation with somebody different than you in the last three years? Did you ask why do you feel that way? Why do you think that way? What does that mean to you? How do you see it? And the God who asked questions. Sir. Wants to know. Did you ask? Andrew asked and that's when the miracle started. Andrew asked he didn't even ask with a lot of faith. James say you asking fake nothing wavered Andrew Action and he's still got an answer. You can pray something as unspiritual as. Helper else A. Helper else how many y'all or helper season in this season of your life help or else guy I can't make it. So. Go back to Andrew Oh. Yeah. Remember the first question Jesus says, what do you want you know Yes to? Andrew. Your thought that was a trick question I was. I was a setting you. He asked Andrew What do you want the first question Jesus in John was Andrew another disciple Andrew Peter to Jesus every time we see Andrew in the scripture he's bringing something to Jesus. Think you need to give something. You need to bring something. So he can give something. This is the miracle. He said a boy I went through the crowd I asked everybody. I asked nineteen, thousand, nine, hundred and ninety, nine people. And this boy right here. This boy right you're. But how far will they go among so many? The NEXT SENTENCE JESUS GIFTS I Command sit out. Now I can do something. Now that you asked. Did you ask? Did you ask. Like really asked I know in a technical sense really oh. Yeah. I ask God to help me out. Did you ask? Or did you tell A lot of we. We call prayer is telling God stuff he already knows. Or telling, God, what he needs to do. Did you ask..

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