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You're here for real reason up there. Then you've been through. I mean i just want people to know it. You don't have to do. You know. I remember when i first got married and i was feeling sorry for myself because you know i am not selling drugs. I'm well. I got an eighth grade education. What can i do for my keys. Am i never forget. My husband me on tape and it was outcast when they first came out. And i can't remember zach track. He said listen to this track and it was get up. Get out of debt. Motivated means like a fat girl to the jail and he. That was my thought. I played in our plate. Helped me heal my relationship. It helped me realize that. I can do anything that i want to be. And you yourself no more. No you know my family's crazy. Because they they think of famous. I i'm okay but they are. Nanny won't sue me. They can't nobody read or you want to tell stories. Yeah my my cousin was a hope. She listened to my. My mother wasn't like that i'm like child. Your mother was like that so they all come at me for stupid stuff. And i'm going to call all the tv stations and tell them is the please tell them so. We can do together cranky family. They actually coming up. I block my cracking assist on everything. And i told her i said when you die. I'm not coming to your phone Just messed up the panapa. I was gonna bring y'all she's lying. Change not telling the truth a crazy. When i wrote this book my sister and my cousin verify and i when i told a story about mama boyfriend. I'll i says you remember what mr john dido and my sister told the store all sir now mom was aimed. I how mine was aimed you your first baby at twelve years and my for maybe a fourteen years. And they're coming from a mother whose name or you know they all going the the the bigger you get the most succession. It's gonna get worse because they don't want to see you succeed. You're supposed to be at the bottom of them. Yeah i nobody tell you who it all your life. You liked the you like gaza. Neither ray ray guy shot tonight now time and i have her four grandkids rent now. Because i took custody. I brought her daughter to indianapolis they help or get a life. Together or daughter ran off love new foe crack babies arraigned the four six nine and eight year. I supposed to be done right now right now. I in sco but my knees. Actually she blocked me on facebook. And i got her kid two weeks ago. She hit me up three years essay. Pay can i get a pitcher my keys for way to motivate me as we look you. Remember those old pitches you had on facebook. Just scratch him out. The same child got a little tall playing games. I'll play with me cranky. You're gonna be fine pet. I think so instagram's and twitter's and all that good stuff comedian. Ms pat ceo. Med in any ms pair. Ms pat on praying. for you. And i hope to see you on the big screen. Small screen just need to see more. Ms pat i need more padding. My what's the name of the book the book the book is colorado is really really good. Ole miss pat. May i think you are amazing. What thank you. Thank you guys for having me. I'm glad i met you this week. And i can't wait to see more of you or thank you thank you. I'm glad to be on a breakfast. Glow is miss pat. Patricia williams go get our big rabbit. It's the breakfast club. Yeah me feed him. Crack babies looking for the best of the best of the best. We'll be right back with our best of interviews owning. Everybody is dj. Envy angela. yee charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guest in the building on cars does out tom get it off. Your chest bergman. Tell them could. I don't to stay in like ended our rent so i come in. I did it on. i'm here though. Was that good. But why why why was having. I'm all good. But i wanted to see you want us to talk to you and your man in faith. Absolutely you understand me. I knew a few places us that i coulda pulled up. But i don't want that with gangster. I wanted to come looking your face like a man and tell you how i feel poker yours than me straight up like a man to. He's you should any new. Yes the issue you're filming. I just come let on know. Stop pushing respect on my name. yes me when. Y'all say my name. Some respect did you. Did you philip. Boroff that way. A trick daddy. I'm putting up on you on the radio guy. Why the radio guys don't finish a yard done. I ain't got no more target grand opening grand call all right. Well there you have it. Good notes me good. The that's the breakfast. I go morning. Well if you just joined the burma and to interview didn't go that way. go down. Quick irony standing behind the scenes. He wanted to just come and address some things that he wanted to call me. They said he was excited to come that he wanted to come talk to us. They wanted to get some things off his chest and he did. Seles actually play because we were. You know as soon as you walk into this this Room we saw tape immediately. Because you never know because there's always some good stuff before and my god let's play. This is what happens when burma's often gov end user. I want to start this all. Y'all stop plan with my name plan with my kim plan with my name. Come respected name drill yo. Stop playing with my name. Angles said no. We go morning. Everybody is dj. envy angela. Yee now the reason i kept saying. Let's go because the cameraman was taking his way to go. He will not come here us out. We not me on the radio. Quick you came in with taking the time but what happened with bergman came here and tried to cross this out brands shakeup to interview before the interview started thinking that the interview would be sweet. Wouldn't have been. We still ask the questions. We wanted to ask rap. Well he tried to do. The intimidation came here with seven. Guys you know and my thing is yo- anything i've ever said about a person on the radio. I'm gonna say today face so i'm thinking if you come in here you combinator address those issues right that rodale me thousand saga we. We talk about you or make a comment about when you come. People make that same comment. I i don't i don't i don't like the coming up here just trying to show. I don't plan to come here and do certain things. Don't don't try to be tough to the radio guys. Especially when people will like trick. Daddy has been up here. I have to say about burma audio man. Some good some bad. I just think when when you try to be ceo and you try to ramble and you try to be ladies man and you try to be a girlfriend and you try to girlfriend anna blue. That's what they say. Okay in enrolls was up here talking about between wayne in him and he he spoke about it was non with burma have with burr for me to see the way. Things are transparent. I can respect that. And i don't respect. Have you had birdman. Both the boss like treats people better not at all. I mean that's what. I wanted to build my team after the way. They kiss was modem together to wait. A family was so for me to see this. That's no go. They know how to play bergman. How get dow. He was in miami longtime he. No double them active. How does that work in now. 'cause he's in miami like right now. Oh miami right now but it ain't about telling nobody where they could go with that that's fake talk. We know who to that drake to ease the breakfast club. Ej.

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