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Like this on the Turpin. I wouldn't be surprised if Todd Pletcher goes right onto a race like the American turf on derby weakened turtle downs because here dispeat- bigger to puts him right in the mix with those stakes horses. They could just keep the nominee allowance race because he ran that. Well. Yeah. It's no doubt. He he definitely fits with the stake. Sources as we saw just just by the race on this card not to dwell too much about the speed figures. But I do want to mention that Gulfstream it can be really tough with the various rail settings they use. I mean, they've had I think this week they had days where they use three different real settings on the same day. They'll even when they use the same real setting for some races. They use various run-ups, but I just want our listeners. This is something that goes into our speed figures at time form US very rarely do we have the same variant for races. Like that you kind of have to to be in the studio of what happened because one thing you just because of one run up is longer than another doesn't doesn't necessarily mean that did help the final time. So just something to keep in mind when you look at these races. If you start with trying to look at times and compare them wondering where the speed figures game from I golf stream. They're definitely comparing apples and oranges almost every time. It's a great point personally when I had to cap racist. Like, this I've gotten away from even looking at the fractions, I really just rely on the time was pace figures because to me it gives a much clearer picture of how the pace actually develop. So I think it's it's really worthwhile to pay attention to those giving back day Gulfstream Park on Friday. We saw three stakes races take place to on the turf one on the jerk will begin with the base that was the skip away which wanted a mile and three sixteenths and Marconi won this race. I think it was his second start coming off the layoff this horse that Todd Pletcher and company at high hopes for last year thrifty gotta shot of derby trail didn't really pan out. What is now taking the right steps to ascend to be stakes horse. I don't think he was beating the toughest field, but he overcame a slightly unfavorable pay scenario to do it. He did this another race. We had a Gulfstream on the dirt with just a super slow pace. I believe the peace figure for the leader was a sub seventy two open quarter mile, which is just. Unbelievable for older horses. So I don't know that you can take a whole lot out of this race from speed figure perspective. I would rather watch the race as you did and just kind of try to draw some conclusions there. There was nobody in this race that was maybe great three horses at best. But the fact that Moore Coney was able to at least beat those horses. And maybe he's got some future the others. Add kind of write him off. They are what they are probably, you know, allowance horses grade three at best. Yeah. The one of the horse to mention maybe moving forward is rocketry because if anybody was had no chance in this race. It was him. They took him to the back of the pack, and he had no chance to close into these fractions because they're basically finished up like a like a slopes turf race the equivalent of that kind of come home time and rocketry just had no opportunity to get into the race. And also even though this distance is pretty long for a lot of the so-called outer snus division. It's probably even too short rocketry who wants to go. Distances up like a mile and a half imagine. They're gonna point to racist. Like the Brooklyn on Belmont day going that distance. So he'll do better than this. Just not the right situation for a horse like that. I was actually really surprised he went off six to five just because of the distance. I mean, you know, he made his name on running though those extended races. I think he won a couple of longer than a mile and a half last year. So, you know, probably not the public's the best moment they're easy to say afterwards. I mean, none of the field looked all that strong. But he he was a puzzling favourite the me. Yeah. Agree. Just I guess the class horse and people to really take into account the conditions of the race that much a situation where the public didn't take into account the class of horses prior performances, and it actually panned out. Okay. Was when they doctor Edgar down to favoritism in the Appleton off a few allowance victories, and he had run some fast. Speed figure is going back to last summary. Ransom numbers in the one teens on time from USB figures scale. And he jumped up to run a one Twenty-one of this Appleton really nice effort from him. I thought it was a great ride from Julian Peru because he got some separation on the field early kind of back down the pace midway kinda like what discussing social paranoia the way. He's the kind of pace figure line that he said and he was able to kick on again in the stretch. Yeah. He was a part of he definitely ran good note. No doubt about that. I'd be a little area him just because he was so clear they let them just loop on all by himself. Granted the pace wasn't super slow. It was just kinda average to moderate for for this race. But clearly are always dangerous. And when you let a good horse like doctor, doctor Edgar just loop along up there for nearly six furlongs before he really got challenged. They're going to have something less for the drive. And he sure did he was able to hold off hawkish and Dr Mountie both of whom I think ran good races. And we'll be good going forward. They both look like graded stakes sources to me as doctor Edgar. So I. I think this is going to prove to be a strong rates. Yeah. I agree with that hawkish had a right to need this race. He'll probably move forward going head because I think this was his first start since he bombed the Belmont derby going act last summer, and Dr Mountie just kind of a tale of two different pay situations because he took advantage of that extremely fast paced in that race. Right. Think even hard to harvest forced to raise it as prior start when he won Brita the name of the race now. And then in this race hot air Castellano, for whatever reason just took him all the way to the back of a pack was kind of hoping for the same pay situation due to develop and it never did. He actually ran on pretty well to get up for third running traffic at the end. We'll see I think these are great three ORs was a great three race. Doctor Edgar having watched a bunch of his races. He is really game. And if you look in the eye at the sixteenth bull. He is going to try to beat you. And he showed that nasty here. He's just a really cool horse. We'll see if far Barclay tag and take him in graded stakes company, but he's just a horse. I always liked to watch because he he's a real hard Trier yet. And like, you said would hawkish he. Was one. I thought he was the favourite for a while when I did kids return and just was I mean, this is a good figure for grade three race, but they would still need to improve the move up. But I'll be surprised if at least one of these don't step up and win at a higher level. Yeah. Another low level graded stakes race that we saw on Friday goal string park was the orchid that was won by heavy favorite Santa Monica. Another antastic by rod Ortiz. He timed it perfectly to get up with this. I think she was wanted to at the end of wagering. She got up by knows it ki- Masha the runner up by has really improved for Roger rat field. She's an example of a horse that has really taken the step forward since they added Lasix. It's not something that you see often anymore, but she's just turned to life route since they added Lasix to our equipment or to her her medic stay medication to back and she put forth another top effort here. But Santa Monica just a really consistent Philly for Chad Brown who earned another graded stakes victory. She didn't I don't. Have a whole lot to say about this race. But you're not wrong to go on about a rat. Ortiz and keep mentioning he's just been riding fabulously, especially on the turf, I think he is the best her fried or out their hands down right now. And and he moves up his horses. No, doubt my mind. Yeah. I totally agree. I haven't been watching every race from Gulfstream, but the racist that I've watched just seems to be in zone right now. And you notice it when you compare them to other writers who just they don't it's hard to judge pace. And he's just been doing a really good job that we didn't even discuss three study one wire-to-wire for the three earlier on the Saturday card, but he's doing a great job putting his horses in the right positions to win races. That was all the stakes action Gulfstream Park on Friday and Saturday. There was also a ton of stakes. Accident Santa Anita was they got started racing again after a long hiatus great to see that actually putting a full card of a full weekend guard of racist. Together. We'll start at the beholder mile, which was the grade one dirt race that they ran. I don't know if it was really great one. Field especially ones Marley's freedom didn't show up with her top effort secret spice got favorable trip. Just kind of sat on the rail the entire way angled out. She's kind of weird horse to look at her past reform Ince's because she just had one race in her prior performances that suggested to might be graded stakes level, and she went back to amend some here. Really nice performance to win the race as for the others. They just didn't show up yet. I get up a battle. You can say maybe it's too long for them morally freedom and sell court of dumb, better sprinting around one turn paradise woods. I'm not sure what she's still doing out there though. I guess it was a little bit of a improved effort over what we've been seeing from her lately she won this in any Tokes last year. And I think she was the favorite in the Kentucky oaks, remember, and she's just been nothing but a disappointment since so it's a little surprised to see her in here. But secret spice ran very well to get a one twenty. It's definitely not agreed one by. From speed figure perspective, it's she run one twenty two back in October. So it's not a total shock that. She was able to get back to this level, especially against his group in you know, I guess if you have to look for the Marlies freedom so court probably to cut back, the one turn and stay there and paradise woods. I'm not sure what they're going to do with her. But secret spice, she she should definitely be one. The watching those graded stakes at seeing the Nita for Phillies and mayors that we seem to have several of. Yeah. Marley's freedom. Look like, she got second just on sheer class alone. Because coming around the far turn it really looked like she was gonna finish off the board. She was just kind of wide going backwards towards the fifth or sixth around the far turn even at the quarter. Polls didn't appear to be going where speeds did collapsed ranch, but she really stayed on. Well to be second considering that she just didn't look like she was had any momentum going for her. She'll probably turn back and distance moving forward. I imagined. Bob effort to talk about one try to turns as an experiment didn't quite work out. Like you were saying, I don't really think these are great one. Philly's specially if they have to face on the east coast moving forward in the year, but secret spice, she stepped up into stakes company and got her great one victory and can't take it away from her now as for other grade one grade one races on Saturday at Santa Anita. We saw Ohio when the kill row mile. This was a really exciting finish as catapult was flying. Adam at the end of the race. I've academy has chance to get him nearly did but a high. Oh this great Bob to hold on for the victory. I thought it was excellent ride by a Ruben Flint is it was on him. Just really used his tactical speed to his advantage throughout the race were put some others in a more difficult position. And he got the great one victory. He did like you said this was the second time on the day that I was wrong about a photo. So so maybe I'm just losing my touch or maybe I'm just getting old and nobody wants to admit that. But everybody else world. I swore for all the world that catapult had this one as did the track announcer who I saw him. Pala jobs on Twitter, which you know, it's kind of silly. I don't mind announcer making a mistake like that every once in a while. I guess, you know, betters give him a hard time. But you know, the guy thought he won I think most people thought he won. And I like when the announcer tries to make a call. So I'm not gonna knock guy too much for that. But solid one twenty three speed figure for from the top two, which is, you know, decent a little bit probably below the greed one level catapults been running a little bit faster nap, but probably some of that had to do with pace we coded the first quarter and half mile and blue is being slow, and they they were undoubtedly slow, and that's probably what gave Ohio the finish in kick that just hold them off. Yeah. Catapult has had a few difficult trips in his races. He had that really tough trip in the Pegasus where I think drivers was on a madea just made his premature move on the backstretch. He has a horse that is difficult to ride because he tends to wanna make those early moves you really need to Kevin covered up. And I thought they did a good job in this race of keeping covered up. Even though here's a little bit. Can he got out with enough time? Just couldn't quite catch. The winner of this race the horse that I thought really tough trip is probably the one you'd wanna look for next time is river Boyne who just in a slow relatively slow paced race has a compact field. The last place you want to be is just hung out wide because everybody else's saving more ground than you. And he was about three wide around the first turn four wide around the second turn just really never had a chance to get into the race. And actually did pretty well to only lose third by out knows he actually had a tough trip in his prior start to. So he's a horse that is pretty up at this point in can do a lot better next time out. We'll see if they keep them in a great one company. This river Boyne is a nice horse probably reverse one of these decisions

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