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A good number of the enemy had it not been for this. The troops who poured into rome that morning and were marching straight upon. The castle might possibly have entered it with ease because the artillery was doing them no damage. I went on firing under the eyes of several cardinals. In lords who kept blessing me and giving me the heartiest encouragement. In my enthusiasm. I strove to achieve the impossible. Let it suffice that it was. I who saved the castle that morning and brought the other bombardier's back to their duty. I worked the whole of that day and when the evening came while the army was marching into rome through the testaverde. Hope clement appointed a great roman nobleman named antonio santa croce to captain of all the gunners. The first thing that this man did was to come to me and having greeted me with the utmost kindness he stationed me with five fine pieces of artillery on the highest point of the castle to which the name of the angels specially belongs. This circular eminence goes around the castle and surveys both protti and the town of rome. The captain put under my orders enough men to help and managing my guns and having seen me paid in advance. He gave me rations of bread and a little wine and beg me to go forward. As i had begun. I was perhaps more inclined by nature to the profession of arms than to the one i had doubted and took such pleasure in its duties that i discharge them better than those of my own art night came. The enemy had entered rome and we who were in the castle especially myself who have always taken pleasure in extraordinary sites stayed gazing on the indescribable scene of tumult and complication in the streets below people who were anywhere else but where we were could not have formed the least imagination of what it was i will not however set myself to describe that tragedy but will content myself with continuing the history of my own life and the circumstances which properly belonged to it..

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