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Indicted I'm Tim Maguire with an. AP news. Minute New York Republican congressman Chris Collins charged with several crimes including passing on insider information about a failed drug trial run by done, by a company of which he was a board member Jeffrey Berman, is US attorney for New York southern district congressman Collins had an obligation a legal duty to keep, that information secret until that information was released by the company to the public but he didn't keep it secret Collins son another tip by him sold their stock before word got out. Of ordering. Some seven hundred fifty thousand dollars in losses college basketball players who declare, for the draft ago on drafted by. The, NBA we'll be allowed to return to school and play as part of NCWA reforms in the wake of a corruption scandal changes part. Of recommendations made by commission led by former secretary state. Condoleeza Rice which was formed after the FBI investigation L. shoe. Companies and coaches I'm Tim Maguire it's going. To be. A lot of work to keep security tightened deficient at dozens of venues during the twenty twenty Olympic Games in Tokyo but an advance. Acuity system that has the ability to recognize faces will help keep, things in check the Neal face technology was developed by NEC corporation the technology will monitor every accredited, person including athletes officials staff and media and more than forty venues games villages and media centres Tokyo will be the first Olympic host to introduce the faced ID tech at all venues. The systems. Expected to effectively eliminate entry with forged ID's reduce waiting times in line, and reduce athletes stress under hot weather A Tokyo medical school has confirmed that it wanted more men to become doctors Tokyo Medical University has apologized for manipulating all entrance, exam results starting in two thousand six to limit the number of female students the manipulation was revealed. During an internal investigation it found that in this. Year's entrance exams the school reduced all, applicants first-stage, test, scores by twenty, percent and then added at least, twenty points for male. Applicants the school said the manipulation shouldn't have happened and it won't in the future it's. That it would consider retroactively admitting those who otherwise would, pass the exams although it didn't explain how it would do it Aid is. Beginning to reach isolated areas of an Indonesian island struggling after an earthquake killed more than one. Hundred thirty people AP's serious shaklee reports rescuers have doubled down. On efforts to find those buried in the rubble all in tears. And rescue personnel were erecting more temporary shelters. For the tens of thousands left homeless Lomborg, by the magnitude seven point zero quake on Sunday evening more, which has been short supply deter prolonged dry spell on. The island as, well as food and medical supplies were being distributed from trucks. Military said five planes carrying food medicine blankets Felton's and water tankers have left. You caught up for the island I'm semi shaklee When working. At a. Growing business you wear many hats the new business half the buying toners. For the.

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