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Hospital or if the driver a vital shareholder meetings today in Columbus for those invested in the L. brands as a company looks to right the ship the L. brands ship has been listing in part because all retailers have been struggling lately every mall retailers being pulled down by the same forces and in part because of poor performance of the company's signature brand Victoria's secret investors earlier this year called the brand's image dated and tone deaf saying the brand no longer reflects women's evolving attitudes towards beauty diversity and inclusion that's A. B. C.'s Tom Bosco talking to marketing professor at Otterbein university Michael Levent investors see stock prices drop thirty five percent the past years also lingering questions about CEO les Wexner is past relationship with Jeffrey upstate walks Norris said to address a shareholder meeting today president trump honoring six police officers were killed the mass shooter in Dayton last month presenting medals of valor at the White House trump called the recipients incredible heroes these incredible patriots responded to the worst violence and most barbaric hatred with the best of American courage character and strength you said the shooter was a maniac motivated by pure evil these six officers ended the violent rampage and saved countless lives nine people were killed by the gunmen out so. at a crowded bar meantime several civilians from el Paso were honored with certificates of commendation for heroic actions during the recent deadly shootings there in Washington I'm Terry Moore NBC news radio also date mayor nam Whaley was in Washington Monday to push for tougher gun laws specifically the house passed bill on universal background checks but we have come mayors from across the country to come to get one thing done and that is to get an up or down vote on HR eight that's the only reason why we're here we're meeting with the White House were meeting with anyone who will listen to us about what this is done to our community the way these also joined by U. S. senator sure brown on the call for the Senate to pass the measure radio six ten WTVN sports the board has burned over the big ten at Indiana Saturday meanwhile as you ponder drew Crispin namely special teams player of the week another Buckeye has the attention of the Hoosiers head coach more on that in sports at five fifteen NFL last night worlds a last second fifty eight yard field goal by wil Lutz beat Houston by to Oakland winner over Denver baseball tribe win six two over the angels rising clippers were off and with camp starting this week the blue jackets on offense been Zack Morris he read three year contract from the central I wanna dealer sports desk medical use radios extendable UT via..

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