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Wood topping Austin's news US claims Aram shot down a military drone that was flying in international airspace. That news alone was enough to send oil prices up nearly six percent gas, but he's Patrick DeHaan says, run, and the international community are involved in a high stakes game over oil. Have a tendency to spread. That's something that can't be dismissed right now either the fact that this could parlay into something else even bigger his that could mean higher. Gas prices Hispanics, in Texas Ripois to be the biggest group as soon as twenty twenty two Hispanic population has grown by one point nine million since twenty ten the Anglo population by four hundred eighty four thousand in that span, Texas State demographer, Lloyd Potter says Anglos are not having as many children, being set off by net in my Gration of non Hispanic bites, even though we do have pretty healthy domestic migration from other states of non Hispanic bite. He says the Hispanic population is younger, so fewer are dying. And more people are in the childbearing years. Rachel say NewsRadio, kale J group environment taxes. Scouring central Texas for public support for a ban on certain pesticides. The group zag Vickerman says they specifically wanted to see Neo nicotinoid done away with we already have some citywide bands, which is great. Those citywide bands are here in Austin, and another one down in college station says the best decide causes bees to become confused and lost ending up as easier prey to their natural predators. And.

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