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News on the hour, sponsored by Del Small business. I'm Deborah Rodriguez weekly covert cases in the U. S or down to their lowest level in almost a year, close to eight million doses of covert vaccines have been administered in New York City. There, Bill de Blasio tells MSNBC. All Children will be in school in the country's largest district in September. You can't have a full recovery without full strength, schools, everyone back sitting in those classrooms. Kids learning again, he says. There will be no option for remote learning. There's a vaccination study involving kids as young as six months old correspondent Jamie Yuka Dr Yvonne Maldonado is overseeing the trial, which will help researchers determined The goal is for kids who have a strong immune response with minimal side effects. Children have a tendency to develop fevers more often than adults, too, in general, and we also know that Children frequently respond to lower doses with good immune response is only 10 countries account for 75% of all covert vaccine doses that have been administered. Around the world. The number of infections and deaths are rising. The WH OSE Ted good braces on current trends in the number of days will overtake last year's total within the next three weeks. Transportation Secretary Pete Buddha judge says the safety of U. S airlines flying over Belarus needs to be assessed after the country forced an Irish airplane toe land. So it could arrest a dissident journalist. Former UK Ambassador John Everard is part of the global outrage section a civilian airliner in mid flight just so that you can detain somebody on board off Fume you disapprove is active AERIAL piracy. George Floyd's family is headed to the White House tomorrow on the first anniversary of his death. CBS is Nancy Cordes says Congress is nowhere close to meeting the goal. Inspired by his case, police reform advocates don't appear to be too alarmed by The fact that this is dragging on the Reverend Al Sharpton said that he'd rather have a bill with teeth. That's late than a toothless bill that is done on time. A cease fire is holding in the Middle East. Secretary of State Antony Blinken flies in today to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. CBS is Holly Williams is in Gaza. Israeli strikes damage the Gaza Strip infrastructure and many people here and are struggling to get clean running water and reliable electricity. President Biden has just tweeted condemning attacks on the Jewish Unity in the U. S and abroad. Some parents in ST Augustine, Florida are furious. Their daughters yearbook photos were edited without their consent. Bar Tramp, I added pieces of fabric digitally to cover low necklines. One mother says. It's sexist and sends a message to girls. They should be ashamed of their bodies. This is CBS News. Small business month is here in Del Technologies and Windows can help you upgrade your tech with up to 45% off high performance PCs work anywhere with Windows 10 Pro Call 877 Ask, tell Dramatic spike in traffic deaths in a surprising reason we'll get to that story After we check the roads this morning. Good morning, Sully. Good morning, Colleen. It is ugly out there. We've got rain. We've had a slew of accidents earlier this morning. Still working with one right now in north found I five as you work your way up past the tent area. Sorry. Past the end of the federal way every right by the wild waves there. We're looking at basically a five mile back up. The right lane is blocked there. We had multiple lanes blocked there earlier. This is again right before you get up the highway 18, and we're looking at the 35 minute trip from Tacoma to federal way. That is a 25 minute delay. A lot of people kind of beaten feet, and there's heading over to 5 12 to the Valley Freeway to get around this because they're aware of its and we're looking at probably 45 minutes already on the Valley Freeway to make your way frumpy olive up into renting the federal way to Seattle. Dr is actually pretty good. Only a half an hour there. That's because everyone's trapped Further south there by highway 18 the rest of the Bellevue Drive 20 minutes there. We've got a little bit of slowing to deal with out of the north end. Really? Not much action it all 30 minutes or less ever to Seattle ever to Bellevue? If you're coming across, I 90 westbound heading over towards the Seattle side of the lake. Just watch out just after the Mercer Island lived there. We're going to have a crash in the right hand lane. That's causing you a little bit of trouble..

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