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Attention gum, imagery, or creating the might impression with some grubbing imagery. So when somebody goes to connect with you away, you see what did you do for them because people by benefit to them. Find the photographs. So I'll tell you that. I mean, to me, I love that idea a lovely little tips and tricks. That is a great one. But if this was Facebook and you got caught out there's a chance they're gonna kick you off the platform. The silently as strict monitoring these things, and in giving you warning kicking off without a warning the biggest things with Lincoln, probably will kick you for platform, for is if you start using automation software to do the connection to do all the messages, if you're going to just do something, I mean, some of the guys that I follow who are like, you know, top. Influences. They use that hocken technique in a profile. And at the end of the day, you know, I don't think they're gonna show you a countdown for doing something like that. Probably just say change it. Right. You know. But obviously if you being spinal people, and yes, there's a good Trump's economic a count shut down. So I mean as twenty thousand plus the following on unlinked, and my count is very view, and it's very active and a buck. She had messages off linked in trying to sell me some of that services. So they've never picked up. Nice guy, I guess that's not too bad say we do that. And when marketing sales, this personal branding, photographer NFL profile, obviously, have a great photo of yourself. Yeah. Yeah. Is that the only thing that people see well, the first thing people see when they go to connect with you is obviously, the CNN your professional headline that we've said is now your job title? But what you do for the client. And then when they do connect with you. The first thing sees you cover photo, people do is leave as the default glue so banner that Lincoln have an I always say is have your cover food or representing your businesses? So if you do in post, no, Brandon, headshots, you have a good series of decent, maybe about three personal Brandon or head shot photographs and then underneath your US pay what you do for the client, see how in woods of trust your cover job on image. So soon as people on the page, they can see exactly what you doing for them. It's all about. Selam what you do them, and I would keep it down. You know, have been profound by the had, like six or seven headshots which looks nice on the desktop. But you gotta remember that a lot of people are going to be doing this on a mobile phone. I'm gonna go six or seven on a mobile phone. The just too small econ say them using headshots of their clients themselves a head shots of the clients. Yes, it's shouldn't pitches of their clients, as the benef- Oto. So what are you suggesting for the benefit have one photo of yourself, one photo of one declines, now it's about three clients? All. Okay. So it's a long, bonnet like what you have on Facebook, and then maybe three images. And then underneath those images somewhere is you have the US what you helping people to pry full photo must be there as well, someway, yes profile for slightly different. So you have you cover images. But like Facebook's have the Abana image. And then you have your profile foot Lewis while which you separate. So see profile foot was is the photograph of you never usual after big no-no because on linked in Lincoln profile is business to business person to person that work. So you do have the option to open a company page, which recommend you do. And then you company page, that's totally fine to you. She local for that because it's you company, but on your personal, profiling tin, your person, you know. So you wouldn't say to me, you know, somebody wouldn't sit to me. Hi, what's your name, and I wouldn't say, well. My name's focus on marketing. I'm Jeff Brown people connect with people, so and it's all about one of the big things on linked..

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