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Like sunkissed and share. What's real? Hey everybody in the after show with Melissa Etheridge and Kristen Johnston Wow Melissa. I loved hearing you sing that Song. Thank you so much for doing. Your voice sounds incredible by the way. Thank you really great. Yeah thank you. I've seen more videos of people eat singing. Come to my window in the window talking to their loved ones or yeah yeah. It's Kinda taken on a new thing right now. Can anthem tougher on facebook wants to know? Melissa what's your favorite Bruce Springsteen Song And how did you get him to do out with you on Thunder Road Omega? Well ANYTHING BRUCE. Does I love and I juggle. Land is at my absolute favorite. I had been a huge fan of his. I had seen him. A couple of times was friends. You know entertainment friends so we are you and and and and so when MTV's said hey you WanNa do unplugged and do you want to sing with anyone. I the only one. I've ever really been dying to sing with this Bruce and they asked him and he said yes. And that's how would you were just excited. I know it's out of my mind. I can go back and listen to that clip. Now it's like it's like heaven. Brazilian watches on on Youtube. I can go back and watch and when I hear myself introducing game I can hear my art beating. So wow so nervous. Don't you have something there from him? Yeah we were going to do that. I'm the only one who has a A silver plated tiffany's harmonica from Bruce and Patty. What is it it says? Happy Birthday Melissa. From Addy and Bruce. Rather pretty incredible you know. What's so funny? I have on my desk. This is one of my favorite been sitting on my desk since Christmas twenty seventeen. This is a card that John. Mayer made me cowboy on it and he sent me. This is the harmonica that used to record my favorite John Mayer Song which is called whisky. Whisky whis off and he sent it to me and I don't know what to do with it and it's just been sitting on. I desk ever. That's a great deal. Kristen offer you. Don't have our Monica with you. Joe Eric F wants to know who it felt better to beat at the EMMYS. Lisa Kudrow or Julia. We drive this great question. If you were going to win Keijo Oh of course not. No no no no no especially that. First Time I couldn't believe it and then and then it was just basically for the next seven years it was like me and the friends. People kind of Edmund Julia Dry. It was all the same people. You know. Honestly Dorky. I didn't give a crap. I mean really what I have one. I want one my very first emmy and I was like OK game over. I don't care anymore. So did you win. Did you win more to wow? That's cool very cool. Melissa Corey W said there were so many amazing vocalists with you on the Antionette songs. Saying did you get a chance to record with any of them in the studio or was it. All separate was all separate. That's the way those things are really built these days. Is You just go in and you just do your part and you never see the other people but it was a real honored to any. Lennox is just it. Yeah Yeah Yeah so it was just a real honor to be part of that Kristen. You've actually told this story on this show. I have to ask. 'cause we got a text about it. Allie wants to know what the most diva thing you witnessed Joan Collins do on the set of the Flintstone sink sequel. And I mean you gotTa Tell You. The number of things story the blancmange. Yes yes well she. For months we worked at it for months. She played my mother and she was so rude. And the thing is when people are like now. I would've handled her perfectly just ignored her. And whatever but I was so young I big movie so I tried to kiss her ass. Which is the worst thing? You should do to diva so anyway. One day we're sitting in a makeup trail. It shouldn't chair and I'm getting touched up. And it's like my close up and she started talking to the makeup artist about. I think I don't even know if I told this part of the story and I started talking talking to make up artists about how my skin's cleared up and I was like. Oh yeah I found this dermatologist. Or whatever and she goes she owes and she's sitting in the next year over and she's like. Do they do liposuction? Like she hasn't talked me for weeks and I was like what you're Jimmy Johns to see to light and I was like I think so why she.

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