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Frenzy starts In in Kentucky and You know I kind of knew that the this is taking place because they had A. Sealed bid auction been source. About About two weeks ago. And Obviously Windstar won. The prize. and. So he's coming here and going to be standing for twenty five thousand dollars. meanwhile, we had lost Geared up will who made. Turkeys Jockey Club, but the Turkey Jockey Club A now has approach lanes then about standing the horse for them. So you've got a very unusual situation. Turkish Jockey Club. Owning. The horses and standing in back in America again, capitalize on. His popularity with you know, have you seen the cooks winner in? Multiple G one winner craft winner in Switz- Guy Pussy Kentucky oaks winner, and she. The Devil. So that's an unusual move to come back but kind of expected as well. The rumors. Yeah. The rumors have been had. You know the right even even well before the. Even before the Kentucky Oaks I mean the the what was going on with with skydiver had people, and then there had been some other minor winners that were bubbling to the surface and do. We hear these rumors but a lot of times it ends up being. You know just just rumors and and it doesn't come to fruition like this. And you know it's interesting. It's GonNa be the Turkish Jockey club Spanish. Because they've been. Trying to. You. Know there was interest in horse and they put a price on a horse and nobody. Was Willing To. Bite on that price. which was Rumored to be ten million. So they decided to stand the horse. Themselves Here. So you know the thing or is here. to twenty five dollars you know they're they. They have a chance to actually. Make all the money back on what they spent on the Horse. In the first place plus up. So You know it's a, it's a booth to capitalize on that and..

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