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Santa's watch party right now Kristie Santa's the front runner on the Republican side of the. Ballet. And he's blowing out Adam Putnam He isn't it right at eight o'clock when all of the counties up in the pan panel the western part of the l. closed one of the networks called this race of course the associated press and we have not called again but one of the networks did they cheer went up in this room chance of ron ron ron obviously a lot of ballots still to be cast but the way the evening has gone so far as we started to see most of the county starts to report at seven o'clock and then all of them beginning to report all sixty seven counties is we've seen kind of the same trendline out upon them doing fairly well in polk county in in highlands county hillsborough county but when you look at the rest of the state rhonda's really putting up big margins putting up some big numbers in other places there's kind of putting a kind of a bit of a wall there that is going to be able to overtake as you start she's numbers come in the people in this room really feeling like what they will eventually see is that take a stage behind the and gave an acceptance speech as the republican nominee then obviously move onto november we're still waiting for the candidate to finally take the stage right now in this room both was what they're seeing on the screen the numbers they're seeing coming In. And obviously with kind of the wind in their sales based on both the Trump endorsements Trump coming to Florida his son come into. Florida they, feel like they've got a very strong candidate feel like the Republican voters will reward them them tonight with a win and that they will be moving out of course a. Couple more balanced account it. Is things not quite over but the people in this room feeling very good feeling like. They're going to hear a winning candidates take, the stage Greg and Martha All.

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