Doug Peterson, John Johnson, Vikings discussed on Mark Levin


It's our second loss of the season. Garrett up is at Bankin with the story. Coach Doug Peterson believes one of the big reasons for the loss in Tennessee with the amount of mistakes at the wrong times of the game with native Ron place. Had some opportunities to shoot the ball down the field. We just we just missed on that. And I think penalties Peterson believes all of his team's mistakes are correctable, but says his team needs to have the sense of urgency moving forward. After a frustrating loss on Sunday with the eagles. I'm Ed Benkin KYW. Newsradio eagles play the Vikings Sunday. Four twenty five at the Lincoln rematch. The NFC championship game. Vikings had a win and two losses in their first four games. Monday night football chiefs will take their three and a record into Denver tonight. Broncos two and one heels finish their sixth straight losing season. Yesterday falling out of the division race with a hard September. John Johnson says the fills GM said there will there still were some positive. What seemed like promise turned into despair in the final two months of the season for the Philadelphia Phillies in his end of season gathering with the media. I asked general manager Macklin tech if August and September left more questions than answers. I mean, there's some there's some of both. I think that we definitely got some answers this year, and I'm just a rattle off a few. I think that you know, you guys all have watched all thirty plus starts Aaron Nola this year, and he's turned into an ace think we're watching. We're hail farro develop into a, you know, incredibly gifted but now somewhat refined defensive catcher reporting from citizens Bank park. John Johnson KYW NewsRadio baseball plans began today. A pair of rare games to decide the divisions. Brewers won the annals central three. One of the cubs at Wrigley. Dodgers won the annal west of five to one of the Rockies at Dodger Stadium Rockies. Play. The cubs in the wildcard game at Wrigley tomorrow night that winter plays the brewers in the NFL DISD other series dodgers Braves, south Philadelphia. Tonight's preseason game in the NBA..

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