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Time capsule. Hey sports fans at sandy west. And I'm here to take you back on a journey to this week in sports history. Let's start way back in nineteen. Oh, three were the first World Series begins play. The Boston Americans beat the Pittsburgh Pirates five games to three in a best of nine series this week in one thousand nine hundred thirty two it was babe. Ruth's legendary call points to center field before homering into the Wrigley field bleachers in the fifth inning. It was game three of the World Series. And the Yankees won seven to five this week in one thousand nine fifty one third baseman. Bobby Thomson hit a one out three run home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to win the nationally pennant for the New York. Giants Thompsons Homer wrapped up an amazing come from behind run for the giants. The giants went on to lose the series to the Yankees. But Thompson's miraculous homerun remains one of the most memorable. Moments in sports history referred to as the shot heard round the world this week in one thousand nine hundred eighty Larry Holmes retains his WBZ heavyweight title defeating Muhammad Ali and this week in two thousand one the Atlanta Braves defeat the Florida Marlins twenty two three to clinch the National League title and become the first team in professional sports with ten consecutive division titles. Stature I heart radio weekend sports time capsule. I'm CLYDE Lewis, and this is ground zero. Numbers. Call tonight. Triple eight six seven three three seven hundred at struggling six seven hundred thirty seven hundred last hour. I was discussing data. Well, I was bringing up again the two hundred nine hundred page report that was published in nineteen sixty called the Brookings reporting. The Brookings research institute submitted from Washington to NASA. Basically talking about the likelihood of encountering extraterrestrial life in basically, saying NASA, don't say anything about it. And if you want to research. What was said you just go to the proposed? Studies.

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