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Whatever against him testify has can you imagine that it's so horrifying, even if they're non non-violent? That's you know, what I'm going to. We're going to like save this top. Like, remember, the I'm gonna like do a look for next time. Of weird stories of people living in people's houses without them knowing so crazy, you say that sues just yesterday like for real. It was yesterday hundred percent sure I was looking up at the ceiling in our closet, and there is one of those. I don't know what you call. It's like access to the is it the rue for the attic the attic. But we don't have a proper at sure just crawl crawlspace. I guess or something and I got that. I'd had that thought come in pop in my head of right? I need to like look at that. And see if it's been moved. Because like, I don't know. Why like what if somebody lived there? No, sir. That's not it doesn't totally unusual. It's not. And you know, that's like the weird. Like, I'm I there there's zero chance that somebody is going well like zero point zero zero zero one chance that my house will ever get broken into. It's nobody's gonna come the amount of work. It would take you're going to go through a gate. And community where there's only one. Go to the farthest corner in there where you have no escape route. And you're going to go to a house that has it doesn't make any sense, they came through the woods or something. And even so like, why would you? Around knives. Yes, it's weird. So no chance of that. The only thing I would be is like those ones where it's like somebody is stalking you. And they've got like a plan for facility for you. Yep. Oh my God. Well, my plan specifically for you, which is that you should save on your auto insurance and the way a good plan. And now, you can do it with the zebra dot com, which is basically kayak for auto insurance. And what attracted me to this is that you can find out if you could save on your plan, but you're not gonna get spammed and all those phone calls from insurance. You know, how they do where they release your phone number two insurance companies. For years, and I hate it too. But.

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