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Know it was. The first, the first band, the first iteration that I used to be follow around was more of A. Spinal tap. A long time ago. It was. Listen are experiencing the band was. Nominal and the fact that we got to do things. That we like our our talent level you guys do video podcast. So our talent level was here and our experience was here we never should have done the majority of things that we did and so it was like, honestly, it was just a blessing and a surprise every day. Pretty much amazing. Okay. So for our listeners now, who might not be aware of you are. Amazingly we what is that what? What? What possible? Dare. You. Sorry guys. I Jesse and I were blessed because while I'm at Avondale college we had both tim and Sam separate occasions come and speak for the. Faith there. Would have gone if you came at the same time but. She's like this. This this but I think it was like Eddie. And so I have to share have to share a SAM story. At avondale. So my then girlfriend now wife she was a keyboardist at..

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