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But strangely there was no sign of struggled the chairs chairs hadn't even been knocked over a coroner ruled that he had been stabbed to death in the arms neck chest abdomen with two different knives but that punch her himself had done it. Puncher had stabbed himself to death with two knives not one but two. I'm expert experiment. Director of the Moscow project in this is a special bonus episode of the asset between twenty seventeen in two thousand. Eighteen buzzfeed news posted a series of investigative pieces into suspicious Russian deaths in the United United Kingdom identifying at least fourteen people who us intelligence officials think were assassinated on British soil by Russian operatives. In fact buzzfeed has just released a book on these pieces by investigations editor. Heidi Blake titled Quote from Russia With Blood. The Kremlin's ruthless assassination program and Vladimir Putin secret war on the West with the buzzfeed stories. Highlight is that you. K- has become a focal point for Russian intelligence Agence Russian oligarch money has poured into London. They cool it the laundromats it was eastern Europe's biggest ever money laundering scheme involving fake fake British companies Russian banks and the courts in Moldova. Russian criminals used it to launder at least twenty billion dollars. The property pretty market of West London has been gobbled up by Russian money. The world's elite poor. It's money into London property the safe place to store money. British landlords realtors tax authorities are all happy to take their cash without questioning where it comes from for the very reason that the UN tough to one person. Do you have to go after everybody. No government would want responsible for such a negative impact on on the London. Bricks and mortar have become the currency of international crime one of UK's most prominent primarily teams Chelsea Football Club was purchased by Roman Abramovich and Russian money and influence has been linked to senior UK political figures ears in as Russian influence grew in the United Kingdom. So did the suspicious deaths in so did the brazenness of Russian intelligence operators. We'll start in two thousand sixteen with the death of Matthew. Puncher puncher was a British scientists and he had been the first to measure the dose of Radioactive Polonium. Used to kill Litvinenko around the time of his death. PUNCHER had been visiting the Mayak nuclear facility. Where the polonium had I been produced in Russia? The the Mayak facility's deep in the Russian Ural Mountains and surrounded by a huge exclusion zone. Because it's a nuclear lab that produces highly radioactive material that can kill people both fee described it as quote one of the most contaminated places on the planet. Puncher was there to study the effects of working with polonium neom on the workers at my ac but while there he was being followed in surveilled by Russian intelligence when he got back from his final trip his wife said he was depressed in soon after he was found stabbed to death when the police got the punters home there was blood everywhere but strangely there was no sign of struggle. The chairs hadn't even been knocked over a coroner ruled that he had been stabbed to death in the arms neck chest and abdomen with two different knives but that punch her himself had done it. Puncher had stabbed himself to death with two knives lives not one but two British. Investigators closed the case but US intelligence sources. Perhaps not quite buying that story. He told buzzfeed they think he was assassinated and that his death was linked to his work in Russia. So we have Alexander Litvinenko poisoned by Radioactive Cup of tea. We have a scientist to examine that poisoning stabbing himself to death a decade later. And now we'll go back a bit further to Alexander pair Piccinini. This is the affluent gated community in southern England which may be the latest Kremlin crime-scene to come to light. It was here that wealthy healthy Russian exile and whistle blower Alexander. Purplish knee dropped dead while jogging. Back in two thousand twelve. He was just forty four at the time. British police ruled thank foul play but now traces of an extremely toxic plant to the stomach appear to have been way back in episode five. We talked about the case of Sergei Magnitsky Back Nikki was a Russian lawyer who uncovered a two hundred thirty million dollar tax fraud. Scheme that benefited Kremlin officials. He he was arrested beaten in tortured and he ultimately died in jail. His death was not suspicious just horribly tragic for his work. Uncovering a huge quarter billion dollar. Russian government embezzlement scheme. Sergei magnitsky was thrown in prison without charges after being beaten and tortured denied medical medical treatment. He died in prison in two thousand nine. It was thirty seven years old but that tax fraud that he discovered was a big deal. Russian government officials and people close most of them were stealing vast sums of money in wandering that money overseas. How were they doing it? Where was it going and as it turns out purple each Ni knew the answers to these questions per pollini got his start writing software code and at one point had considered becoming a scientist but by the time the nineties rolled around and he had instead become a businessman in a financier in he fell in with well to put it lightly the wrong crowd? He began working with people who were allegedly laundering. Money on behalf of the Russian mob in a lot of that money. That magnitsky discovered was being fraudulently stolen in laundered it was being wandered in moved moved eventually to a company that was tied to para-police knee so just to be clear. Russian government officials and Russian organized crime syndicates. Were wandering two hundred and thirty million clean dollars out of the country in para-police knee was quite literally holding all the receipts. We understand Mister Pechiney fled Russia fearing for his life after allegedly falling out with a criminal gang which included corrupt officials. He brought with him here to Britain a stash of highly sensitive tiff documents. These allegedly show how Russian officials transferred millions of euros to Swiss bank accounts the money just part of the proceeds of a huge tax fraud sometime passed in one or both of the following things happened para police. And he had a falling out with those he was working with breath and para-police knee had a change of heart about the deep level of corruption in Russia. Whatever his motives were he fled to Britain and he wanted to handover over all those receipts to the proper authorities and he did? He began talking with Swiss authorities handing over documents and allowing them to freeze accounts with with at least ten million dollars in laundered funds but then no surprise. He began receiving death threats. His name was on a Russian mob. Hitlist he knew oh he was in danger and he began behaving strangely in November. Twenty twelve. He took a mysterious trip to Paris leaving his wife and child at home. Hang out for a few you days with the Ukrainian fashion designer writes in Paris just two days before he collapse. Stay in this five star hotel around lunchtime. That day he was joined joined by twenty two year olds. Ukrainian design a book to hotel rooms but only stayed in one of them. According to the woman he was with. There wasn't anything super suspicious. The the trip. He took her shopping and she said he seemed stressed. She said during his time in Paris he will with it. He was worried he was. He seemed off. She later said they spent their last evening together at this Sushi restaurant. He told her the food tasted strange and sent the dish back when they return to that hotel. He was sick three times in the bathroom. He got back to London on the morning of November tenth. Twenty twelve. He went for a jog earlier that year. As part of a life insurance policy he had been checked out by a doctor in received a clean bill of health so this healthy forty four year old man. Dan went for a run and then all of a sudden he collapsed on the side of the road. He was throwing up in passed out and bystanders tried to give him CPR but he died and police said he died of natural causes. They said it was. I'm sure you guessed it by now. A heart heart attack but because they didn't know Alexander purplish knees background. The British police didn't immediately treat this case as suspicious that meant key. He evidence including his entire stomach contents were flushed away before they could be fully tested. Whatever the cause of death critics point to other mistakes stikes made in this case phone messages? Were not checked. CCTV was deleted before it could be. Viewed police lost all the data. They copied from a family laptop over two years later though his life. Insurance Company dropped a bombshell. They had hired an outside expert. who had found evidence of traces of a deadly toxin emperor? Police knees stomach what they found. Traces of Gel semion plant which produces a poison which is extremely really rare and very hard to trace. The toxin was apparently from a rare. Chinese plant nicknamed heartbreak grass. Because if if you eat it you go into cardiac arrest a lawyer for the life. Insurance Company said that it is quote unknown weapon of assassination by Chinese in Russian contract killers. Now everyone involved in this case is at odds with each other the British authorities say there was no foul play the French authorities who are involved.

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