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Rumors sinking a country Tough words not surprisingly there from, the president, of Turkey let speak first to our correspondent in. Establ- Celine, Garrett some someone who is president Edwin speaking to there, I mean the rhetoric not surprisingly pretty tough Well yes exactly the rhetoric is not tough at all Mr President our Don, is known to be. A very strong man and he uses very strong words, this morning or nearly three hundred and fifty people are subject to investigation because of the posts they have shared on social media the interior ministry stated so are John's words. Are regarding those individuals as well and also who, all people who might be actually social media or who might be actually saying anything that is. Controversial that is contradictory to Mr. Don on his government's route at the moment he is calling these people, traitors and that is that is very. Strong and, people will be very keen to avoid getting. Attention so he's already taking action against anyone, who he, sees as opposing what the government is trying to. Do what, new measures, have been announced today Day to try and tackle the economic, crisis this morning the central Bank intervened and today was a people are faring today would be a black Monday and when the central Bank intervenes in order to stop Justice. Prevent just this the lira actually gained value a, little bit in the first statement since the dramatic collapse of the Turkish currency started central banks. Said it was ready to take all necessary measures to ensure financial stability it promised to provide banks with, all the liquidity that they needed however The statement did not. Give any promise of interest rate hikes and that was actually, predominantly what markets, were hoping for and that is actually what president are doin- is vehemently against so that didn't happen but analysts is saying that should happen in order to calm the lira and Condon's national markets just. Very briefly selling any news on the American pasta who is being. Detained.

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