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Fifty a baby has been delivered now and is doing fine tonight after its mother we shot this morning in the stomach Clinton township police captain Richard Murrell says the shooting happened at about six fifteen outside the east would village apartments of thirty one year old Clinton township resident was going exiting out to our car he lose reports by a black male she said she doesn't know him the guy pulled out a gun the she said don't shoot me the guy fired a couple shots using it at least once I don't know yeah she was hit in the stomach that mother was pregnant at the time and was then alert and talking while she was taken to the hospital I went into surgery and they delivered the baby see section the baby is reported to be fine and she said the victims in stable condition that's good news though the suspect remains at large tonight the head of the Michigan state police appearing before a state Senate Judiciary Committee today answering questions about faulty breathalyzer is which of already let the six cases being dismissed now in Wayne County MSP colonel Joe Gasper says representatives from in talks to meters incorporated which had a contract with the state to what calibrate the devices well they were found to have allegedly falsified records putting cases in question now here's Michigan state police first lieutenant Michael Shaw actually these calibration in the house the M. S. P. and not have an outside vendor duties calibration that we're going to do it with their own personnel and this is something that we've been looking at for awhile because disease Jensen rents become more precise we wanted to bring it into our forensic science lab now of the two hundred three data master breath alcohol devices pulled by the Michigan state police lieutenant Shaw says thirty seven have already been re calibrated and they're back in use now it's believed up to fifty two drunk driving cases statewide could be impacted meantime state senator Pete acetyl finding himself under fire following those controversial remarks he made to a female reporter earlier this week at the neck and the US Senate Republican leader Mike Shirky in their letter to the business office calling for this thorough investigation basically said there is no room for sexual harassment in the Michigan Senate and they are serious about this stuff in the one in investigation to find out exactly what happened so the reporter in question who is twenty two years old will be interviewed and the senator will be interviewing Lansing bureau chiefs in school pick as Lucido allegedly told a group of warranty lasalle high school students visiting state capital they could have some fun with the female reporter or she could have some fun with them my prediction today for twenty twenty as the year maybe the sixty year in a row of vehicle sales topping seventeen million here is W. W. J. auto beat reporter Jeff Gilbert the streak is unprecedented so far and most analysts are expecting sales this year in the upper sixty million range but Jessica Caldwell at Edmunds dot com is predicting seventeen point one million she says the economy remains strong and some of the things that experts have been warring about having come to pass people are coming back off of leases and going back into the new car market and that's kind of been a bit of a question mark for some time now because car prices have gone up cold will also says car sales traditionally rise and then election year Jeff Gilbert WWJ newsradio nine fifty still to come raising suicide awareness and prevention I'm doctor G. analytes but you W. J. news time is six oh way traffic.

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