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Seattle plus two seventy five seattle on the road at indian week one and then arizona. Six two one three and a half point road underdogs in tennessee in week number. One cody tell me. And the people why you like arizona arizona but not to win the not to win the division. I i honestly think the rams are gonna win the division. I don't think the seattle seahawks are quite the team that they once were. That defense really does worry me a little bit and like you said they got a couple of really good young linebackers over there in arizona. Cuyler murray at the end of the day is got a real chance. You legitimately mean this a real chance at a shot of the mvp this guy that is extremely dynamic both throwing and running the ball this guy. This is a guy that could very easily lead the league in rushing yards while being a quarterback. I mean if he leads the league in rushing yards the quarterback. They're gonna inducted into the hall of fame like he's still playing. you'll be. The first player ever inducted into the hall of fame. While he's still playing. I mean maybe he could get a thousand yards rushing. You can move he can. He can definitely move. I worry about. I worry about the head coach. I worry about them. Not wedding enough games to get cuyler into. Mvp consideration buddy could end up being a fantasy football. Mvp this year. I think that could absolutely happen. All right some offensive line disasters. The chicago bears. Who man like this is. This is not good and cody. I know you do a lot of work in chicago on six seventy the score. Jason peters thirty nine years old. It's been brought into the team. Starting left tackle the savior at left tackle. Kevin jenkins likely done for the season with his back injury. Germain or fatty the right tackle just comes off the p. Ups like man like this. This offensive line could be brutal regardless of who the quarterback is team could be brutal regardless of who the quarterback is because of how bad the offensive line is and it does look like it will be andy dalton. Starting week one. Sunday night football on the road at the rams were the bears are a touchdown. Underdog justin fields. It's going to start in the preseason finale. So it's going to be dalton. Likely here win. Total seven and a half. The line is bad. What to make your cody of the chicago bears. I'm extremely concerned. But i am very excited that they named dalton the qb and hear me out on why. You're the by the way. I think that would ever say that. So we'll give you the chance to explain yourself here. trust me. it needs explanation. The reason why is because like you said that offensive line is dreadful. We're bringing in forty year olds. They're really supplement. This line at the moment. I do not what i do not want fields to be an endless target and honest to god get hurt in week. One and play three. I just don't like this offensive line at all. You might as well throw andy dalton out there to the wolves and see if he can survive and see if you can snipe a couple of wins but right now fields is going to be on the move nonstop because of this offensive line. And i don't wanna see it..

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