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And so I mean, she she ran huge the day. She just blew us. But you know, the setup wasn't you know, she gets she we rated her that and she actually junior really good. Because he could get her rate and not many do you have to be a really strong rotter rate her in obviously, he's really strong because she's tough to get in behind horses. And if you move any then she's been run off with and he he really wrote a tremendous. And then we ran her back in the game. It was Cup day. And he wasn't there that he was riding in Mankato writer, and then I didn't know where I was going to run after that double enter at act duck and Churchill and we opted for the church you'll race. And I think I did the right thing for the church you'll race it just didn't work out for us to be second. But her year was tremendous like, you said when in five and there she probably should have won six maybe seven of them. She had a couple of trips. She had a speed ones that mom was insane Coster race. And then the last race at Churchill she she broke biding stuck in behind orces and that Coster race there. And, but you know, it's hard to find horses that really really. The fight like her, and she she's a well bred filly too. And she has you know, she's gonna be nice nice there. She has a sister to graded stakes store in the stakes winner. We act. She comes from a really good form. I've looked at some of 'em. They have beautiful beautiful well bred horses to and it's kinda hard to get you know, being in the claiming race it's hard to end up getting the kind of horses like this. But you know, we're branching out and buying young horses now, but more so the stable could get stronger, we're hoping and maybe maybe one day. We'll get the right phone calls and helps to train rainy. And Dane because you know, and he Lynch new he's noon the game. But he's he's gonna in quite a few horses forts over hopefully, but weighing the rain he's been really good to me over the last two years, and he's really fun. Gotta train for and Danes really really nice. Nice. Nice person ready radios Wenham our favorite people. It would that. If that's that's one of the that's one of the fun boxes at Saratoga with who Shiva Georgia the. It's that's that's the center of the action. That's the epicenter. Yeah. That's for sure. Rainey's fawn. He just likes to have a good time. He's enjoys enjoys horse racing. And he's just he's he loves to win and he loves c loves us horses. And it's e really I mean, he ran out on the track. He was the first one of the Orsi beat the groom the horse. I had a pitcher of he make I made or stumble because he was scared of him for a second..

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