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In Everett 43 in Seattle Stay connected stay informed the news you need now on komo news 1000 FM 97 7 Northwest news time now 8 O 6 Good evening to you I'm Ryan Harris with your top stories from the como 24/7 news center The latest daily report from state health shows another 17,900 new COVID cases here in Washington 66 more people have lost their lives and other 6 are now in hospitals which are already jammed and overflowing Close to 79% of all people eligible for vaccines in our state have had at least one dose State health went live today with a site that will allow you to order free at home COVID test kits three and a half million tests are going to be available but supplies have been slow to arrive Interests will be high and exceed our current supply quickly But our focus is getting tests off of shelves and out into homes as quickly as we possibly can as deputy health secretary lacy farrenberg each order will arrive with as many as 5 tests but the limits are one order per address right now The state has about 650,000 test kits A new COVID testing site set to open next week in pierce county It'll be up and running in DuPont starting Tuesday at 11 a.m. at the State Farm parking lot testing free results available in three to 5 days New location replaces the span away park site that's going away tomorrow New testing site will be in place through at least February 5th and we'll be open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. after that initial day at first day opening at 11 Two gun control bills passed another committee hurdle in the state legislature today Here's John libertini ghost guns are a nightmare that's only getting worse They can be bought online assembled at home There's no background check and no serial number which makes them untraceable House Bill 1705 would restrict the manufacturing assembly sailed possession and transport of untraceable firearms representative Javier Valdez Washingtonians have consistently made it known that they want legislature to strengthen our gun safety laws They don't want us to waken them Do it yourself kids can turn a gun or a rifle into an automatic weapon capable of firing dozens if not hundreds of shots and rapid succession Their popular among people who can't have guns like convicted felons and the ATF reports it recovered 10,000 ghost guns in 2019 John liberty como news State lawmakers also considering a bill to make it easier to prosecute shoplifters HB 1656 would since add a concealing an item with the intent to deprive to the legal definition of theft in effect it would mean simply putting an item in your pocket would constitute shoplifting rather than actually taking it from the store without paying but carry Reardon with the Washington association of criminal defense lawyer says the bill isn't limited to retail outlets I had to wonder if the people who wrote the bill had ever had a sibling or a friend with an evil sense of humor who hid something for a few minutes so you wouldn't be able to access it Because what that Bill does is make every one of those things a crime That Bill is still in the committee process State lawmakers want to make it easier for judges to consider the mental health of those being sentenced for crimes At the moment a convict's mental health at the time of the crime can only be considered under very limited circumstances House Bill 1637 would change that If it becomes law judges would always be allowed to consider the person's mental health when pronouncing a sentence Bill sponsored Democrat Tara Simmons says it simply gives judges more options The judge would retain discretion to sentence within the standard range or use a mitigating circumstance But others weren't so pleased with the idea There's a representative from the King County sexual assault resource center warned that convicts could use the law to manipulate the system into getting a lesser sentence Jeff Pedro come on us Coming up on a ten now time to check the Beacon plumbing sports desk and over at climate pledge arena they are now in the second period really just a couple of minutes in and the St. Louis blues still lead the Seattle kraken by a score of two to zip Now COVID-19 continues to plague northwest college basketball teams we get the details from Bill Schwartz Washington state in the throes of its second coronavirus outbreak this season Last night's game at Oregon postponed now tomorrow's wazoo game with Oregon state scratched In Corvallis last night Washington head coach Mike Hopkins not there in COVID protocol His dogs beat the beavers 82 72 Terrell Brown scored 27 for a Washington team that's won four of its last 5 The first thing was just getting screened for each other You know.

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