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New this afternoon congressman has again been caught with a loaded gun and an airport TSA officers caught Republican congressman Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina trying to go through security with a loaded 9 millimeter handgun at the Charlotte Douglas international airport today Cawthorn was cited for possession of a dangerous weapon his gun was compensated confiscated by police In February of 2021 he was caught trying to take a gun through security at the Asheville regional airport in North Carolina The congressman now faces up to a $13,000 fine according to the TSA A former star of MTV's making the band is facing sex trafficking charges Rapper Kevin Barnes whose stage name is chopper was arrested in length a Maryland on a warrant issued by police in Vegas Barnes has a big social media following which Las Vegas police detectives believe he used to recruit women to be sex workers And arundel county police say there may be victims in Maryland anyone who is contacted by Barnes to become a sex worker or anyone who is a victim of sex trafficking is urged to contact police Barnes starred in three seasons of making the band two from 2002 to 2004 5 54 does the stress of the past couple of years have you on edge maybe a little quicker to snap We'll let the answer is yes It could be affecting the people around you in some big ways Business school professor Christine porath from Georgetown says most people don't even know their root 95% of people surveyed said they were self aware but studies show only about 15% actually are Not from people wanting to be jerks or mean to other people but rather we just don't understand how we're affecting others Root interactions trigger a fight or flight response in our brain And if you want to make a quick decision or come up with a solution to something it's really hard to do So be careful before your rude to people you work with especially if you're a boss Quarter of the people that we survey say that their rude because their leader is Luke Luger WTO.

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