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That ladies francis hogan yeah and that came out and what she was saying and how they manipulate their product to impact people and they were well aware of the very negative impacts particularly on young girls. that This entire deal is having. They were totally aware of it once again as she said. I think the sums it up and quite well that facebook prioritized prophets over public. Good facebook was being used for a sex trafficking and exploitation and they just turned a blind eye to all of it. Hate speech proliferating. Yeah well we're going to hear more about it but long run. I think facebook's going anywhere. No i seriously seriously doubt it. Yeah but i had laughed. Because i actually posted that question. Do you think that outage was a diversion. I actually posted that question on. Yes my facebook page. So i'm going to check in and see if i've been canceled. Asked him the question. There you go. You're talking about your facebook with all of this and i have to say. Facebook is of the thirty five stocks that i'm recommending for long term investors instill. Yeah yeah long term. Is there yesterday j. P. morgan's chief. Global strategist i. Follow these guys that worked for the giants you know. Mark novick is his name he said and this is a quote he said. We don't believe the recent bout in the markets will lead to a sustained fall and we will keep buying into any weakness and there was ample weakness to buy into yesterday. The dow dropped one percent but the the big weakness was in the nasdaq. Were with the big tech stocks. It was down two point. One percent to a mark that was seven and a half percent below. Its record high. The snp dropped one point three percent to five and a half percent below. Its record high now. Just something for you to remember. History defines a correction in an upward moving market beginning at ten percent below the most recent record high and a reversal or a bear market beginning at twenty percents below the most recent record high and that mark for the nasdaq yesterday again. was seven was seven percent and the snp was five and a half percent below the record high so they're not even at correction level yet and i say yet. I'm not saying that going there. But i don't know they might and keep in mind. A correction is is healthy. So what's going on this morning. The investors are beginning to cautiously by the weakness down. Industrial average is up ninety points. One quarter of a percentage point at thirty four thousand ninety. Two s&p five hundred is up twelve points. That's again a little bit over a quarter of a percent to four thousand three hundred twelve. The nasdaq at fourteen three. Oh eight is up fifty four..

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