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Some kind of Let's just call it the oldest building in Clayton. Make somebody disapproving. Yes, yes, It is a historical like it's a legitimate historical Clayton building. We have the plaque and everything. It has a name. It has a name. I think it's the the year the year Agan. It's a fancy name one of the best buildings in the history of Clayton tons of history. And so speaking of our Goldsborough office has outgrown its current space are Goldsborough office was on center Street for a long time, and we have just recently moved into A new office on Ash Street down in Goldsborough. That is, uh, about 3500 square feet. It's got some room for us to grow down there, so we're super excited about a lot of things that are going on with the law firm. A lot of things that are going on with Whitaker and Hammer. So that's always good news. But Joe I wouldn't do a quick update. You know, we week or two ago we talked about a lot of the we had a couple dog attacks stories that were in the news. And, you know, unfortunately, a young girl and Garner was killed by her neighbors dogs, and we can already talked about that. But I saw a news article not too long ago where they were kind of updating because that When we talked about it, the owners of the dogs had surprised everyone and under the dangerous dogs statute here in North Carolina, had petitioned the local officials to keep the dogs. There were some restrictions they would have to meet, and everybody was a little shocked, and that was denied. Um And so I think we talked about the next step is they'd have to petition the You know the superior Court in the county where they were going to be, and they only had, I think July 3rd. Maybe to do that. And I saw something in the in the news where that that family was going to relocate to Franklin County. And so the Franklin County authorities were were kind of taken aback and everybody's just really surprised and we don't know what's going on with that family. It's It's an interesting story and again we never our goal here is not to take sides. We're not advocating for anybody. We're just observing. Things that are happening that have legal consequences. So anyway, I just wanted to. I just want to do that update and say, Hey, we're going to keep looking into that, if anything it's filed will certainly let everybody know how that's going. Yeah, it's a tough one because we all love our pets, and I would imagine Just like we could never imagine our our pets doing anything like this. These folks, probably it felt the exact same. So that's one of those was questions you never want to have to answer is how you would react. In that situation. Um, but again, Yeah. Interesting update. It's always good to keep up with some of these things we've been following. I saw that there was an attorney representing the family now, so I imagine something will be filed and again. Well, we will follow it for just, uh The pure fascination of it. You know, we're fascinated with the legal process and this is not something that I've seen happen, so I'm I'm curious to to look at the documents and see what's going on. But Joe. Let's take a quick break. And when we come back, the North Carolina Innocence Commission comes up a lot in the news today. Up next, we will talk about.

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