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Going to earn your business and save you thousands lh i'm used cars dot com driven by you from hell is the longest running morning show in utah that doesn't necessarily mean it's good and come i mean come on get backs 96 looking back that's was nice vehicle of that nature it so bountiful and in the forest there is no such thing as shoplifting to take all you can carry because no matter how many shell necklaces you create nature is always going to make more molluscs and if for some reason a dozen are we really going to miss smallest link snowden six rights nine thirty five time to award boehner of the day and a boehner the day is brought to you to mortally we completely plea lea by smit homemade smash burgers and all right out there all right of french fries so while boehner canada's number one who's really happen it's hard to believe but in hurricane utah now is real somebody in the chat room saying it was la birkin the not her again good story let's let's hurricane adjacent yeah i mean she's a this will girls a hurricane high school a student so the birthplace of my mother nor a really hurricane broken utah yeah uh so this racists a photo a b a pretending to hang herself axes over her eyes and then the captain's posted on his ram taken down quickly some somebody flagged it and it was down pretty fast but but nothing goes away even if it's there for an instant somebody's going to get it mmhmm and see it in its at happy national and work day on the other hand and then boehner tailored at number two noone helped a man fatally stabbed on the subway platform in paris while onlookers simply not intervene simply posted pictures and videos on their social media and the winner close close votes really number two no one hell really yep mm maybe we we have a racism overload sort of our becoming numbed to it no way too much i don't think known to it i don't think we were voting or gnome to it i think they're saying you know we'll have another chance to vote for one of those tomorrow probably all right there's your boehner of the day for thursday it is now qualified to be boehner of the week are we going to do boehner of the week cents were on.

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