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Oh wonder somewhere else? See the impact of Friday Saturday night coming into play and perspective. This is the first series. They've lost since the opening series of the season. So Michael you and your damn context I would like to overreact play. Now lost three out of five series. Two games back. You know? Up the road of it of the Baltimore Orioles. They were playing against the Red Sox. And if you had Chris Davis going over fifty five you lose his slump ended it oh fifty four. He had a base it on. Three hits and four AVI is, but the one was a single with couple of bases-loaded and driven just single. Yeah. Clean. Great job by poor Selo. I just wanna point that talks fast Riddick. Joel Red Sox fan. What is currently wrong with the Red Sox? Are they they're starting in ten or something and tests you still pitching the worst team in a league? Now, the best better. Yes. Yes. Hey naito. Can I make a quick it's a very care about show the Pulitzer announced today, just FYI I and up. Yeah. I guess they let me out again. Worse logger. Yeah. They do. I've wanted multiple years running. But I what I often say Tommy Friedman and between us we have three bullets. I wanna put a plug in for my friend. Carlos who is the nonfiction look at nonfiction book critic who is up for a Pulitzer. And and I really really hope he wins. But it's it's it will not be a huge day CNN when I used to the post, I'm sure for you. It's a huge room gathers certainly not invited. Great. It was a it's a cool day to be a part of newspapers I get most people don't care about anymore. But it's still cool. Is it the Pulitzer people the Nobel people that give awards for storage fiction about cats yet? He's gonna wear gonna get a lifetime like. Lifetime achievement. You'll be honored. Tony looks like Reuben foster will not be suspended the NFL now. Pick up in history. Right. He's getting went through the legal process. They went to everything not suspended. He's going to play for the Redskins miss two game checks. But that's it. He's eligible to Redskin fans. You still hate it. Completely vindicated total exoneration. No. Obstructs collusion to be on the field. Anger democrat for one of the first off season workouts today at Redskins punk, so congratulations. Yeah. I mean, we were gonna play oddsmaker. I would say chances. He's arrested again before the regular season starts and zero any has been arrested today yet Bruce Allen has said that they have a system in place. So winning off the field to see how that plays out. Yes. Let's go office fest. Will Wade also been reinstated LSU announced on Sunday night. He was spending more than a month ago for not meeting with the school and answering questions about his relationship with the agent Christian doctrines, they finally met on Friday with the NC double A compliance officials. And after that, the LSU folk said, you know, we're okay with us. We're gonna bring him back. According to Joe Aleve. Oh, who is the at LSU who did show some onions in suspending him? He said Wade's explanations and clarifications offered during the meeting absent actual evidence of misconduct. Satisfies contractual obligation to LSU. Well, wait till they get actual evidence this misconduct. And then we'll see what happens. Did you audiotape of him? Referring making a strong offer Jong off to you. That office. Jay Bilas, it just says, nobody cares. And maybe Auburn to the nobody cares. Auburn just extended Bruce Pearl five five year deal. They made it emits the final four..

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