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It was one of the I think it was either eastern or central Michigan. You know? And I don't know. I mean, they're they're three and six it's not good. But at the same point, you know, if you got if you told me they were going to be foreign foreign aid this year. I'd be like all right. That's real progress there. Oh, they're definitely better than they have been now, they're still bad. So I think he he came in. He's a high profile AD who came in with a mandate to make that program competitive again, they're they're trying to raise money for a very expensive new facility. And so maybe that's part of it. Right. Get a big name like less miles and everybody will throw money down. Whereas if you get a less, let's say Willie Fritz who's a fantastic coach, but not a big name. Then then that might not work as well. I'm just saying don't make long-term decision for your program based on early signing day coming up, you know, it's not the end of the world if you have to wait until February to get a lot of your guys. In fact, is that a is that a commentary is that a pleated Jeff long? I am pleading to Jeff make this mistake. You'll be well, here's here's actually a similar example that might I'm not ready to say for sure yet, but might be playing out right now at your own modder, you know, Miami very excited to get. Segue stew. They lawless say Miami was very excited to get a guy as high profile inexperienced and distinguishes Mark richt and in year two last season Shirley to be paying off, but they are in rough shape in year three. And it's and it's raising the question of well, maybe there's a reason things trailed off at Georgia at the end. And maybe Mark richt is not necessarily the definitive answer for Miami. Well, I'll say on the positive side because they did have a very good season last year, the heat Mark richt has been very good at raising money for them. And doing a lot of things off the field that Blake James AD. I think has to be commended for that higher for what he's done. I think win or lose at this point. Mark richt has succeeded. A lot of ways that Miami needed. Now, as you the long-term guy to lead, I feel like I've. Said this before I don't think Mark wrecked was ever gonna get Miami national title, again, I don't think you know, offense. Really they are really lacking. You know? That's that was the side of the ball. I think was a big concern. And quite honestly, it still is here. Here's how many points. They've scored in the last three weeks stir teen at Virginia fourteen at BC and twelve against Duke. I mean, that's not Alabama. Those are not great teams that that they're they're really struggling with. Right. So that is a big big concern. And they've had issues a quarterback. They have some skill guys. Now they've had some injuries, but they've really struggled on the old line. I don't think Mark richt isn't any jeopardy there? And I don't think it'll be an under jeopardy for a while there. But I think the honeymoon is over there with a fan base because I think they're looking going we need to get a lot better. He's going to need to make some hard decisions on offense. And those kinds of decisions are as I recall Mark really didn't make the decisions. No, you're not trying. Please the fans, but there was a lot of frustration. When Georgia fans with Mark richt on that. Right. And they had better quarterbacks for much of his time. So more talented than what what he's got night right now Miami. I mean, Georgia fans big complaint was that he just wasn't winning the games at the end things have gone stale. And so when they beat Notre Dame in that big primetime game last year when they think the Virginia Tech game was considered to be a pretty big deal. But now not only has he not one the begins. He's well that frankly is not so much the issue right now as it is losing at home to do, you know, losing to Virginia. These this is not what Miami fans expect. Yeah..

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