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Rick Moranis out of retirement for shrunk return leaking the next movie in the honey. I shrunk the blank series. This is going to be a movie. This is not gonNA be a Disney. Plus million feeder movie to be called shrunk the fourth in the franchise shrink the kids honey. I blew up the kid and hundred shrunk ourselves on shrunk. I don't know when they're saying shrunk is going to be released but I do know that Josh Gad starring in as Nick Excellency Nick. Character in both shrunk the kids and blew up the kid Mentioned in honey shrunk ourselves and Rick Moranis back. He is out of retirement. Rick Moranis has not been in a live action movie. Since what year. True it wasn't it wasn't Was the one. There's one after little giants Zenit with somebody. It wasn't that good movies. Nineteen ninety-six Tom. Arnold yes big. Bully added Elliott. Wasn't it the last live action movie he was in was honey? We shrunk ourselves in one thousand nine hundred seven and that wasn't even a theory that was direct to video Tam Dude. I like Rick Moranis. He his his wife passed away in the. I think at the start of the nineties and he took a step back from acting to focus. He had two young children at that point to focus on his children. So major respect but also this. This eighties kid is super excited to get Rick. Moranis back in this property. I love so dearly growing up. I I'm very stoked that's my question. We'll we'll we'll do is for each news. Topics does Rick Moranis. Because I feel like these two. The other one's going to be muddy ducks. I feel like we were all kind of on the same page. You're not that excited whatever. This is completely changed my mind on this. I cannot wait to see Rick Moranis back in. Not that. I'm like the Vegas Rick Moranis Fan of all time but this now makes me want to see this movie. Rick Moranis Great. Rick Moranis is very funny. I see. Tv Canadian co- co- comic legend. Rick Miranda side. I love it. I'm super excited. He's a absolutely I would say I was GONNA say. American treasure pretty is Canadian but I think he's one of those guys that everyone likes. There's there's not many bad things to say about them like from stuff. You're talking about troll like me. Step back to take care of his kids and be a dad and like he was at the highest fame. Like he's like really known by everybody at that point and he took a step back to be a dad. I don't know a lot of slaughter brute celebrities that would actually make that choice netting. That's really cool him and I think it makes them an awesome dad even better person and to see him be able to get back into this franchise. That helped make him famous. I think is really cool and does make a wing were excited for cool for a guy that we should on all the time by the way in Josh Gatt. Who's a big part of the production of the movie and in it? I know you've just gotTa Lotta Shit as if we wouldn't be best friends with them. We've met him but that's GonNa be awesome. He's one time he gets Jesse Eisenberg treatment. Yes yeah he just becomes our he comes our guy he fucked and he someone tells US tells us that. We have roasted coffee. Just hates us. Let's gotta be cool. I know he posted somewhere. Like this is the greatest thing ever and he signed up to do this movie and did it. Not Knowing if if Wayne's Alinsky Rick Moranis be back and sure enough his I mean that will be a huge deal for this obviously i. I think that that takes us. Movie from being like a reboot or a boy you call it a sequel without like any of the major players to actually being an event of Rick Moranis returning is a is a low scale. Cinematic event greed. What about Amelia? Estevez back as Gordon Bombay. This one I don't care same as this one. I don't care and no disrespect amelio Estevez. I quite enjoy Emilio Estevez especially in his His loaded weapon movies in. You know all this shit he did. He mentioning loaded weapon. The third reference to randomly loaded weapon. I I'd loved loaded weapon naked gun. I love those parody movies. I I think this is less on. I mean the the thing here is this is less on meal. Estevez in just I'm just tired of the mighty ducks I don. I don't like the mighty ducks that much. I didn't really like it when I was a kid. I think hockey's fine But I'm just not. I'm not excited for this and that you know if you're listening to this and you're like I am. I think he should be. Because I think a lot of people love the mighty ducks and you have every right to love. It just wasn't something. I got attached you so they could. They could put frigging Tom. Skerritt nece movie. I wouldn't even get excited. I think that like for me anyway. Like hockey was a big part of my life growing up and I still like the mighty ducks movies. A pretty fair amount and So I think it's cool to get him back and I think show is going to revolve around Lauren. Graham the mom from Gilmore Girls. And it's GonNa be her and her son or son is played by the The the the kid from Good boys but I think he's playing the kid and I think the kid is cut from the team and the mom starts her own team or something to compete against that team which reminds me of kicking and screaming among a billion other movies but but I think it's cool. I think it's interesting to get back in the game. Haven't seen a million and a while and that just reminds you this funny American Dad bit where they're like our great was when he was in all these great movies and then once he realized everyone was sick. Sick of them just faded out of existence. Forever just gone forever. What what happened was all the parents joined the muddy ducks team. And then they google corn Bombay. And they're like I can't just keeps whoops I see. Amelia undermines you that his brother Joe Estevez works on on cinema at the cinema with Tim. Hi Decker and returning to the very low budget but hilarious like I think we're on like eleven twelve seasons on adult swim by Josephus though Martin Sheen Charlie Sheen Amelio Estevez. And then you've got to other Estevez Siblings. That are are doing things to. I mean this. This is prolific. This is a prolific family. Pretty Cool Air jet of Jeff Loves Martin Sheen to because he's he's a big west West Wing. Yeah Yeah President Scott Big. He's got big West Wing brain favorite character though Sligo mcgarry. You probably like Bradley. Whitmore's character Whitford put some respect on his name. Oh Bradley for Sorry Josh liven. Yeah like Josh Us. Good really good character. Probably up there. They Beeman Leo. So you're right. Congratulations let's talk about more. Fuck you green night. Eight twenty four. Another who it's going to be really good that no one's GonNa see Yeah Starts Dev Patel. Let's have a candor. Joel Edgerton Very Keegan. I'm GonNa say we pronounce his name a fantasy adventure? Based on the Arthurian legend. The Green Knight tells the story of. How do you say that Sir going going? I don't know I'M GONNA look it up the Green Knight Sir Wayne King Arthur's reckless and headstrong nephew. Who embarks on a quest to confront the Green night a gigantic green skin stranger? I look good again. It's eight twenty. Four did not have a perfect year last year. Let me note that not going to say twenty for only dropped quote unquote heaters last year. Because they definitely did not They had some movies. Let's hear that worn all that great at least in my opinion Some not going to say it's a guaranteed to be fantastic. I think they. I think they are focusing more on TV last year. Because what they what they put on. Tv released a lot of movies last year. They did euphoria and they did. Rammie to both are great. Romney won a golden globe. No they released. They released around twenty movies last year and I would say half of them. Were not good. They did release some very good ones though right so I'm not going to give a twenty four. The immediate stamp of this is going to be great because I just. I don't know a little more hesitant. I'm not gonNA join on any eight hundred four slender whatsoever and I love them so much I agree. It does look bad as strode. Visually looks really fucking cool and As outside of the cast members that you mentioned before I notice Sean Harris from Michigan possible fallout and also Kate Dickie who Breastfeeds like a ten year. Old Kid in game thrones and that can't notice reasserts anyone else now. No no slander. I'm just saying I'm not I'm not gonNA give an auto. This is going to be good. I I can't do it. I did not realize how many eight twenty for movies there were so I went through my rankings and I kind of really goes a couple of years. I didn't like this year. They still made a lot of good ones midsummer last black man. Who San Francisco? Obviously uncut gems the lighthouse. So this could be great. I would I mean mark against it right is i. Don't think our theory in legends. Have that strong of a batting average at the movies Monty Python. Actually that gross. Very little money. Gross you talk in Quality Monty Python. I mean obviously you know very good you primarily Clive Owen King Arthur movie. That was like any time. They tried to make up Action movie and I don't just didn't look like an action movie. This is just a you know like a fantasy drama. Almost transformers the last night guess. When was the last night that is a king? Arthur movie are through the legend of disorder. Whatever that one was a good one was the Was The kid who would be king. Yeah Kid we became known. Maybe there are things there but I thought this look. I'd the visuals looked awesome. I I loved. I loved what they did there. Pardon me watching it. I was kind of like I like the witcher but as I wish the witcher. Kinda looked like this would like to this quality right. This is really neat so I am excited for it. I am curious what the budget is because he looked expensive commercially. Eight twenty four. I believe is smaller budget. They don't make tunnel. Yeah make back their money but compared to like some of the other ones where they they have a Gopro in there in a haunted house. Make a movie. It's like five million dollars somehow and it makes thirty million dollars this one at least as like Good looking special effects with the flames and then I guess who? I'm assuming to be the Green Knight who looked like a tree. There eventually also going to get completely get bought by apple. I think we've been predicted already working with them on for loss so right. I think that that'd be that'd be a very Like the makes logical fit because that fits in with the apple bread. A slice get high-concept very artistic way to digital on the visual the Lord of the Rings Skies Love that interesting They're like the trying to say is like blunt houses. The GOPRO like twenty eight twenty. Four is actually have a real camera but you know they just twenty four would release early good movie on. Gopro LIKE THEY. They would jimmy filming two pay for movies. I shoot what's the one with Not Felicity Jones for the mental institution known talking about. I can't think of the title. I came into the name of it but that one I think goes eight twenty four though or was it. Oh the one that was on an iphone. The soderbergh movie. Yeah Yeah fuck the name of it. Oh Man I think Tangerine was an iphone. I thought that was eight. Twenty four might be dead wrong on that unseen insane. That's what I liked unseen. Those good movie unseen was with Claire. Claire Foy that's right. Unseen was done by done by Bleaker Street now regency enterprise. Okay ed whatever. It's twenty four or whatever but anything's good. I just assume it's eight twenty four. We got we got two more things and then we got one more thing than a quick hitters or Iceland. Quick opinions but we're talking video game movies a lot this week. This is a video game movie. Pizza News box office game today since nobody in the veloce pastor is going to work for the box office game We're going to boxoffice video game Box Office game for video game movies the brain. This is the least shocking news. I've heard in quite a while call of duty movie. Currently on hold at activision says writer.

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