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Cruise line has announced it will be launching an exact working replica of the Titanic for people to travel on beginning in twenty twenty two. Possibly go wrong. Boy, if God's a fan of irony the Titanic to set to make its two-week maiden voyage in twenty twenty two. Great idea and has the same cabin layout is the original Titanic. It's going to sail from Dubai to Southampton England, and then onto New York tracing the North Atlantic route of the original Titanic which sank as we know in nineteen twelve killing a young Leonardo DiCaprio scene in the movie is always looking to be aboard because I'm kind of a plucky working class guy. If you saw Leonardo DiCaprio on the deck of the Titanic. I would I would I would scurry off. But anyway, it's kind of an interesting idea, though, how accurate are they are they keeping it are they going with the same shortage of lifeboats as well. Or what the exactly same grand staircase and giant Schengen? Else? Same orchestra playing bittersweet Lee into Loboda goes underwater, if you're a cruise ship band, and they call you up it has to play. Do you take the gig? It's like the old joke of you. Make a joke about Lincoln getting shot. And then he's a too soon because there is a point and what you can make jokes about things. And it's interesting, obviously. Two years later, you wouldn't make in nineteen fourteen. You wouldn't have made jokes out loud about the Titanic and all those people drowning. No, we're twenty years later. It was a horrible tragedy. But maybe forty but certainly one hundred plus years later, you feel free to make all the jokes. We've made you a bolt that looks just like, wouldn't it be crazy? If we got our boat like the Titanic and went through the same. Everybody will make the same joke during the voyage, right? Yeah. Wacky human beings. What are you gonna do? Shoot them into space. For a follow up is this company making was that blimp? The hindenburg. Exactly. Like, no God. Now that you know, it's funny PS that suddenly made it seem incredibly distasteful to me. You wouldn't do that? Now why? Because the Hindenburg was in the early thirties late twenties. Let's let's come up with a more recent tragedy. We're gonna get a Malaysian flight that disappeared. Okay. How are we going to recreate it give the same number? And who knows where we'll land you want macabre. I'm going to get a limo. Just like the one that crashed and killed those twenty two people a couple of weeks ago. Wow. Just like that limo and wedding parties can rent it and drive the exact same road, right? Wedding party. Drove. Yes. How's that different? Not different than the Titanic. Just time. Exactly. The same thing. Only the distance a time. Wow. And that sounds crazy. Like only a psychopath would do that. Right. It's incredibly troubling humans. What are you gonna do with them? Right. You're going to masturbate in front of him. That says we're going gonna do. No, no, not Sarah Silverman. Who is a very funny comedian ex wife of Jimmy Kimmel. Oh, that's right guitar to how freaking sanctimonious he's become. Anyway, she she's always made very over the top sexy jokes and she's been friends with Louis CK since before they were both really big time famous. She's featured in his TV show a lot. And she's hilarious. And he's hilarious. But she said Louis C K did that in front of her when they were younger, but with their permission. I've known Louis forever. I'm not making excuses for him. He asked if he could do that in front of me. Sometimes I'd say, yeah. Go ahead. Now, that's an interesting friendship. She said it was like science. I was just kind of interested in other times. I'd say, no, that's gross. And we'd get a pizza. I like pizza that was just starting like you'd better than the other alternative, in fact, even from not hungry. I'm gonna for the pizza. Yeah. Wow. That's that's that's interesting. They were friends and not lovers. Correct. Okay. Okay. That's very odd. You'll know what you want to do with that information. What you want to do with this information either? Your poop is probably full of plastic now because this is about poop, some might be tempted to take childish idiotic angle on this. Why is everyone looking at me? Well, I'm kind of hoping somebody does because. The truth. Is there are things medical things happening in the world that are. Of indeterminate origin. Why so much autism? Why so much anxiety depression? I think a lot of the depression has to do with the nature of modern man, and our lack of community as expressed by Sebastian younger and tribe and Jonah Goldberg in his book, the death of the Wester things suck now Moby Dick Moby. Dick is the name the book kind of a theme on Ben Sasse as new book to Ben says, thank you. I knew there was another example. But there are also increasing rates of Parkinson's disease and all sorts of neurological stuff the nobody's quite sure why. And this this article in wired dot com is talking about micro-plastics these are tiny tiny pieces less than a five millimeters wide. And some of them glob onto onto each other in the Pacific some sink to the depths of the ocean. Exactly still others get ingested by marine life, including fish and shellfish which turn ingested by other animals like humans. But it worries not only colleges, but gastroenterologist so those folks who study our guts, if micro-plastics are invading the things we eat as possible or invading our stomachs and intestines to a but nobody's really bothered to look at that in the systematic way and figure out if it's doing anything nasty to us until now at the United European gastroenterology meeting in Vienna. Researchers announced they have detected micro-plastics in stool samples from every single one of a small group of international test subjects I would bet every dime. I have that. They will someday. Discover something like this is causing the autism, anxiety and all the problems something like contributor. I think people who don't are not into science or are dumb often. Look for one answer to a question when. You know in science. It's it's often a couple of things if you have lots of plastic in your gut that means you can't process an enzyme, which means with the modern world, constant inputs, blah, blah, blah, it triggers. Whatever it's a multi step thing. You have to have a couple of things present. The pilot study tested eight subjects from Austria. Italy Finland Japan, the Netherlands Poland Russia in the UK. No Americans because they fear us. Each maintained a food diary the week before donating their stools, tears diarrhea Nate mind, you don't need to pay me for it. There's diary man-wich last night. And they have a description of how they donated the stool necessary. But I'm glad to taking a look at this. There's something going on with the plastics or pesticides or her hormones, and the food or something you just know there. Every participants poop tested positive for plastics from polyethylene commonly found in plastic bags to polypropylene bottlecaps to polyvinyl chloride, that's the PVC in PVC pipe. Wow. In fact, of the ten types of plastics that researchers screened for nine were detective detected on average. The researchers turned up twenty particles of micro plastic per quarter pound of poop. It's not hard to imagine that something that is around us. All right now, as I speak will be banned from the planet decades from now on we'll think what a crazy backward time. It was people were people drink out of plastic cups. Can you believe it right something that's never existed on earth? We came up with we invented, and it's incredibly useful. But it's never existed before there's no beast that's ever ingested it over the course of many decades. What what's that gonna do to the peace? We're finding out it's very disappointing that our science came along. And you know, we were able to do away with the plague polio and ended all kinds of heinous diseases that wiped out children for for tens of thousands of years. Now, we got these problems going on for something that we created probably. Yeah. Probably so, hey, if you heard about that, I'm sorry. I don't want this to be a total Downer segment. But have you heard about that polio like illness? That's affecting some kids across America. Yeah. Coming from virus? But they don't know which virus, and they can't figure out what's going on. You know? I don't wanna scare you're anything. But. The New York Times is reporting that on a particularly nasty confrontation this year. Between chief of staff John Kelly in the White House and informal. Trump advisor Corey loon TAOs.

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