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Designed for consumers. It wasn't designed for press. And so I love going briefings because that was designed for us. And so we get to have a real conversation. We could ask real questions, and we'll get to provide a more educated opinion, whenever we review the product or tell you about it. And so that's the reason why I love to take these trips because you get the opportunity to spend some time with these people and sometimes an informal in an informal and. Violent, which makes them loosen up and tell you even more about why this product came to be. Yeah, you know, sometimes. And that's the reason why I have a really hard time bashing products. I will be very critical until you like Pibor on the pixel slightest terrible. But it's just when when you get to learn when you get to learn the amount of work that goes into a product in all the stages that a product goes into it's very hard faded. Just come to companies and be like your product Strache. Yeah. I mean, how many phones have you built Josh exam? I mean, I mean, we know people who do that though. They just come right in there. Like this just not good. Yeah. You know, and that kind of feedback is important to them. But you gotta find a way to say it. So that it's not just it's the more. You learn why I mean, I think every company would like to create the perfect product. Oh, yeah. But every company has either a defined budget or constraints in material or they can't secure. Enough chips for demand of their project picture, you know, it's just so many hurdles in the industry, but you you get to learn. It's not empathy. But you get to to understand more of where the product is going. And again, it just helps you provide a more educated opinion about it. Yeah. And that doesn't mean that we don't say what we hope. Mike. Are we do there were plenty of those opportunities during this trip as well? Because we were hanging out with a lot of people, but I will say the going back to our topic. We have the honour view twenty. I hope the video looks okay with the sun right in our faces. But. Only one way to find out my friend. I think we're okay. I think we are. Yeah. The gopro hero seven, by the way. Which is what we're using to record the video portion of this podcast. It doesn't pretty good job. So hopefully, it's the black and I couldn't get the black gave me the silver. I I knew I needed to like get this. I get I get it. It's just you can't replace the battery on the silver in some like, you know, that the battery on your product is trash, and I'm I'm like, you can't bash product. But yes, now, I have to say right there that battery on that cameras trash, and and I can replace the battery like seriously. We have a we have a straight up like desert road trip look to us right now in the video, I bet. So if you're listening to this right now, you're gonna wanna watch the video because this is one of the most unique I've been trying my best. I have like as unique podcast as I possibly can. This is definitely one of them. True. Okay. So going back to the honor view twenty by the way, why is it V twenty in some places and then interview twenty companies tailor their products to market. I mean, they even launch it with different specs in different areas. Crazy, you know, it's crazy. But what we have here is a very high powered device, you obviously have the latest Snapdragon you had that forty eight megapixel Snapdragon latest, Karen. Oh, sorry. I don't know why. But in my head I crossed the two. Yes, you're right. The cure nine eighty Pauly's. The latest Sony sensor that forty. Yeah. That's what I want to try out. Yeah. Right now it comes. It comes with the it comes with also that three D camera on the back that what did they call? It. A time of flight camera time if like camera. Yes, 'cause I we we're going to have to see what it is. Yeah. You could do three D modelling with the phone. But I mean, we all know we all know that that doesn't always translate to like an actual user experience through the but on top of that there's this display and the display itself is like what six point something inches..

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