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A no high end. Talent that can put the puck in the net. They still don't have high end. Talent that can put the puck in the net. And and so like. Let's put it this way you know jordan. Everley he wasn't even a first line player on the new york. Islanders a team that we think collectively as a as a analytics community or whatever. We don't think they're really You know that even offensive team. Let's say and even they were like kinda iffy on jordan everley up on the top line. Allow no no. He was playing with bars. Al boredom saying is like in their late scenario. Yeah yeah yeah area they. They wouldn't have been comfortable with like okay. Well mean one last thing. That kind of seems strange to me is that you see winberg go three years four point three and then about an hour later by costs on goes to montreal three years for five if you're looking at seattle roster and saying who is the guy that they should probably as in terms of what their needs. Are you probably say. Mike often like you know in terms of ican actually but the puck in the net and if actor on our plate which isn't something that they really have a yellow by. It's just kind of a kind of a weird thing you know and maybe you're from now. It's all going played itself out perfectly. They'll have set themselves up perfectly for next year's free agency or something like that but yeah it's it's it's strange. It's definitely a lot weird. I think you know even vegas was when they were putting that together. The the frustrating for me. I guess it's president. I think they're going to be good like in terms of the both divisional so defensive identity. I think they're going to win. A fair number of games But like a one satisfying argument at the direction they went would be if they were positioning themselves. For the next two drafts which are by all accounts loaded. And we're like all right we're gonna get top picks and try to get franchise players and build offensively through that route and these moves made them better Obviously not to a to a degree that lines up with how much they paid. And how much future term. They took on. But they now. They're kind of forcing themselves more towards the middle and as a team building philosophy. I hate that so not ideal Let's take a quick break here and then we're going to pick up with with more themes and notable signings all that after the break. What's the worst thing about selling your home. Probably all the time. You'll have to scramble for a last minute showing in somehow clean the dishes. Pick up your kids toys. Make all the beds and get out of the house and then our sounds exhausting. That's not the case when you buy and sell the home with orchard they'll help you by moving to your new place first and then orchard will take care of all the showings on your old house. 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The coroner's data pucks recover them. And i think that this free agent class is pretty big on on that kind of player and they got some some long contracts that i think that we can predict are probably not gonna look to caught the second half talking a specifically Blake holman economics line. Zakheim being another. And i i think you can even talk yourself into gave her atlanta skog being a third guy now list in terms of three guys who play the type of game that we have learned in the past ten to age too well across the players thirties. Who nonetheless. I think managed to get themselves pretty long term deals that that teams are probably thinking at a pretty win now perspective about. Yeah i mean. The oilers gave hyman five point. Five over seven Reportedly were trying to get the eighth year. By trading with the leafs in a sign and trade ad leaves returned down a fifth and a seven to make that happen and bring the down a little. Bit I think there is an important distinction because on hyman in terms of i think he's gonna be really good on next year's oilers and he's actually going to help them quite a bit and he's sort of the right type of player. I wish that they would prioritize Finding their own zakheim before he gets paid and developing him. The ways ronald data in terms of clearly improved every year added new skills. Got this point rather than You know just going and paying a premium for the finnish. Finnish made product when he is twenty nine years old. And the other thing. Is you know investing in the way they did. I don't think anyone listening to this. Podcast to tell them the issues with investing pricey seven year deal on a twenty nine year old. That's gonna take them into his mid thirties. But i do think that in this particular case with highlands playing style even more so than than i'd say cold than atlanta skog We sort of saw in the postseason when he was a step slower because injury that he was coming back from he was less effective now. He was hurt probably still so. I don't want to hold that against him too much. But it was kind of a red flag in terms of what this player could potentially look like as a contributor an impact player as he gets into further into today aging process and slows down ever so slightly because he is so reliant on just causing havoc and getting the puck faster than everyone else in so you know. Those are obviously legitimate concerns. But i think if you're edmund jan you're probably can can holland and they dettori doesn't care about this. I mean just look at the offseason. They had so far in terms of the ages of the players they brought in but they're probably thinking we've got dreidel on his deal for four more years we've got a david on his deal for five more years They're both in their mid twenties. We can't afford to have any more ways season. So heck if we can get a couple productive years out of high in play with either of those guys i five one five will worry about the rest later and i imagined that was. It's pretty simple as that. They're the rationale for the deal. They gave out those players. Are you know like in the case of david and try seidel the thing that always gets me about the talk about you know the window is now we have to maximize the window as kind of justification for these contracts that we know are not gonna particularly. Well is that you know. I think that one thing that we can take away from the past couple of years is that is how important it is to make sure that your window as long as possible like is that you have as many of the can as you possibly. Can you know we saw cosby and malkin win backups. In their late twenties early thirties ovechkin obviously yet away quite a while. He was thirty one when he got his anthony stamkos at a big reason that they were kind of able to have so many of the can is. Because i don't think any of those teams really made the kind of big july first acquisitions. They weren't the ones who signed. The lucia's are clarkston or anything like that. They gave themselves the flexibility that they could essentially have a ten year window. And i think one of the issues that i have with what edmonton did. Especially and you know you could theoretically make the argument that that even colorado kind of this is that they emphasized so much. The next couple years like the short-term.

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