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That he is heard that he is value that he has close, and when he finishes this great moment, he looks to King a how who I'm going to argue. He was not thinking about and says you go eat. I've got this under control as an act of reconciliation towards king, a hub but Elijah's is weren't on King Ahab Elijah's is on his heavenly father. The Bible says that after King have left to go eat Elijah went up and he prayed that the rain would come. He sent his servant, one, two, three, four, five six seven times to look for cloud in the sky in during that time, the Bible says that Elijah took his head and he bowed so low. Low that he touched his knees. This was a moment of reconnection with heavenly father. This was a moment that Elijah was reconciled with his heavenly father on this great day, and the seventh time. When the servant comes back, the servants says I see a cloud in the sky. The size of a man's hand and Elijah says that is enough Elijah once again after three years feels what he had wanted to know with the connection and the love of his heavenly father. And so when a light comes running down that mountain to King a heaven, his chariot, and he says King I'm going to run in front of you. He starts taking off on that thirteen miles jogging and my guess is that Elijah was thinking about his relationship with King. A cab I believe that Elijah was thinking about his relationship with his heavenly father. Yes. He was offering acts of reconciliation to king. How'd but he was in reconciliation with his heavenly father, and when he knew who he was, he is running in front of a have not thinking that he is a servant of King. He is running thinking that he is a servant of Almighty. God and he is in relationship with God. Doing what has God has called him to do being sane acting out the plans that his God has called him to act out, and that is the strength to run thirteen miles that is the strength to submit ourselves in relationship to someone who may or may not be in Godly leadership. I think this is where many of us get trapped so many times in our relationships, looking to the left and the rights rather than looking up towards our heavenly father. I want to ask two questions as we move towards a close here and the first question is this. Who in your life. Are you most likely to complain about and if that person is sitting next to you don't need to tell them. Because they probably already know. So once you identify that this could be a spouse. It could be a family member could be a boss. It could be a CO worker, a teacher, a classmate. Who is the person in your life that you are most likely to complain about? And then secondly wear. Where are you looking to find reconciliation? And I think that when we look at Elijah and King Ahab I think this makes a world of difference I think there are many good willed Christians who look at their spouse, and they say if they just would change this if they just would act this way if they just would be more kind or more communicative than I can act in reconciliation, or they look at a boss, and they say if they would just be clearer. Forgiving then I can act in reconciliation, and we are looking to our left, and our right to find the inspiration to be reconcilers, rather than looking to our heavenly father, and Elijah says you need to look up. You need to look up because when you are, we know who you are..

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