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Police have identified most of the 11 men who were arrested following an hours long armed standoff yesterday near Interstate 95. Wakefield. The group calls itself a militia in says adhere to Morrish sovereign ideology. One of the people arrested was a male juvenile to others are refusing to give their names. They're being charged with a variety of offenses, including unlawful possession of a firearm troopers recovered a number of guns. There's a recall for some chicken over health safety concerns. Foxes south Aegean. Grasso has details. Independence Day celebrations busting out across the country with a warning for folks getting together for picnics. Tyson Foods is recalling nearly £8.5 million of frozen fully cooked chicken over fears of possible exposure to harmful bacteria. The company says a voluntary recalls being initiated out of an abundance of caution, even though there is no conclusive evidence that the products were contaminated at the time of shipment. Those products were made at a plant in Missouri between December 26th 2020 April 13th of this year. Sal Gee and Grasso. Fox News Vanessa Williams returns to host this year is a Capitol Fourth Foxes. Michele Pelino has more a Capitol Fourth returns to PBS with Vanessa Williams, the 41st edition of America's Independence Day celebration. Still virtual, with performances from all over the country. Williams is excited to be back and says This is just what the country needs. We will talk about the unity and talk about the importance of being United as a as a country performances, she added, will feature today's top entertainers. In every field. We've got Gladys Knight, who is an R and B legend, we've got Alan Jackson, who is a You know, a country superstar and, of course, my fireworks over our nation's capital Skylark. Michele Pelino factory and I'm Joe to your fox name..

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