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Went to issue a warrant for past due property taxes and notice a suspected marijuana grow on the property next door, then he found more on the porch of the house where he delivered the warrants and that particular residence where he was serving the district warrant had a lot of hanging marijuana plants as he went to enter the door. He knew it was well above the limit within Montrose county sheriff's spokeswoman Katie you're says in all deputies seized fifteen hundred pounds of suspected marijuana several grow lamps air vents and fans in the two homes. The estimated value of the suspected pot is four point five million dollars. Three people were arrested and are being held on sixty thousand dollars bond Thornton fire department aggressively attacked and extinguished a structure fire last night on Saint Paul circle. One party was. Was rescued and transported to a hospital. No word on that person's condition or the cause of the fire Aurora's gateway high school is getting a new college and career center paid for partly through a seventy five thousand dollar grant from Wells Fargo gateway will become the fourth Aurora school to have a career center in a press. Release. The district said they have played an essential role in boosting APS graduation rates and helping students earn prestigious scholarships. Denver broncos. Take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. Our coverage begins at seven AM kickoff at eleven o'clock and on the ice. The Colorado Avalanche will return home after beating the Philadelphia Flyers for the one in Philadelphia last night. The Avs now will play Tampa on Wednesday night here at the Pepsi center. Our next update at one thirty. I'm Roger Cuarto by on KOA NewsRadio eight. Fifty AM and ninety four one.

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