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Degrees from the university of Detroit he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps doctor share later earned a master's degree from Central Michigan University my alma mater and educational specialist degree in administration from Wayne State University and a PhD in educational leadership from Oakland university he has a mall covers not long after that doctor Cheney became the principal of his alma mater sterling heights high school today Dr center serves as a superintendent for the Rochester community school district where he provides executive leadership for thirteen elementary schools four middle schools three comprehensive high schools and the caring steps childcare center that's a lot so doctor share welcome to caring for kids thank you Larry it's a pleasure to be here yes it's great to see you and are looking forward to seeing you at our summit and some of our other events so thought it was important to get a leader of your stature in the community like Rochester to talk about some of the things are going on in your schools so that so that hopefully we can help some people and and direct them in in ways that maybe they wonder so first of all I want to start out telling us a little bit about the school system Rogers I mention the schools in the numbers but tell us a little bit about the school district sure so we we ARE Rochester community schools and people may not realize it but were about sixty six square miles it's a large system almost fifteen thousand kids and we serve kids from zero through twenty six years old including adult special education students we have a wide range of services I am I am blessed to work with the staff of people it includes amazing teachers administrators social workers psychologists just entire community that's committed to their children in one of the things I was wondering is because just the other day I was reading the Grosse Pointe I live in Grosse Pointe I was reading the Grosse Pointe news in that is there was an article about having to maybe close some elementary schools in so that obviously would tell me that maybe there's not as many kids as is that also the type of trend and Rochester to haven't you seen that well we we pay really really close attention to enrollment trends as Michigan's our per pupil funding system one of the things that we found him in Rochester those were growing slightly and I and I think part of that if you talk to a municipal leaders will tell you that that's because the value of the public education system the value that people place on our system so I think Michigan as a whole we're losing a Roman that's that's due to our birth rate right right where we're lucky enough in Rochester to be just be slightly growing well that's good that's great news so as you well know and hopefully our listeners who listen every month no that the foundation has a focus on mental health one of our five focus areas in in one of the reasons I really wanted to have you on the the show is to talk about your schools from grade school maybe middle school and certainly high school are are you seen more mental health behavioral health issues with students well we we certainly are and and some of them are severe we've we have been not immune to tragedy we've we've experienced suicides including middle school and high school and we've had we've had certainly had some mental health crisis we have had students that we've lost to addiction he even their diction probably started when they're with us and they they passed away after the graduation but none the less or a member of our community and we have seen an increase in depression anxiety addiction and suicidal ideation so it is a crisis well that that's one of the that is the main reason it's a focus area of ours at the foundation and in are you see sort of alluded to a little bit of some of the trends but are you seeing trends that that maybe they can lead all of us to helping this crisis meaning is it is that social media is it early experimentation with drugs and what what trends if any are you seen I think the I think the cause remains to be seen as you know we anecdotally like to say it's social media or maybe what's going on in the greater media in terms of movies and entertainment but I think it's just a it probably has factors that are that are based in in in all of those things that the positive thing that I see a particular in our communities of people that love their children and want to do the very best by them the community does ink the challenge that we all have is removing the stigma and trying to figure out how to collaborate together in a way that's that's efficient productive so we can we can reach the most amount of kids yes and and I also come to learn that superintendents like yourself in in districts are are trying to educate teachers a bit more on how to handle behavioral issues in the classroom because they were like more always trained to do that correct correct we're we're very fortunate again I have a I have a a team of of behavior list including psychologists social workers and counselors that work learning consultants that work good together with our teachers to help them with that behavior management and were actually even taking it a step further now we're working with our PTA to work on things like mindfulness and and teaching kids how to be present and how to handle their stress or anxiety before it becomes a problem the other thing that we're working on a really hard is to to remove the stigma and make sure that kids know they can ask for help when they need it and we're talking with doctor Robert Shane superintended the Rochester community school district in on that point we were now partnering with Michigan State University and the of the recent meeting that you were involved in that was in Crain's Detroit business there was some people from Michigan state and what they're telling us is that the generation of of college kids now I guess they're caught their generation Z. are much more able to talk about their behavioral or or stress issues then maybe my generation and so are you seeing that in in high school or even in a middle school that if I have an issue M. I. more willing to keep it to myself or do you see more kids talking about what's going on in their lives I I do see more more openness about it I I still think there's a stigma particularly with addiction and that I'm not sure it's the kids problem I might be an adult yeah and that's something that we're working really hard to to get through into it to get to the positive end of that you know when I when I think about the future M. I don't I don't despair when I look at our students in school and I visit schools I have a I have a tremendous amount of hope because of what you just talked about right I see I see a lot of love amongst them I see a lot of cooperation the challenge that I see is we adults have to figure out how to channel that and get them in the right place if they do need intervention right and that's that's something that we're working diligently to want to make sure the man up wish that leads me to a question I wanted to ask that I think could be very helpful to our listeners prickly grandparents and parents that as a marine as a superintendent as a former principal what if a parent things their child in any grade level is having issues do you have any advice to give them that that you might have learned over the years that could be helpful yeah I think the most important thing is it young when a child is showing signs of struggling or that they say they are struggling that we don't panic that that we we assure them that things are going to be OK then we get them center mansion and I think we also have to rely on our community under the resources in our community I I can tell you that if someone calls our counselors or social workers the kids principal kids teachers they're gonna they're gonna act quickly to make sure that there's intervention for that child the thing that we see is a challenge is people asking for that identifying it right and again I don't I don't know that it's such that it's there might be more of an adult problem there is a child problem and and we've got to be make sure making sure that were really really observing what's going on and if we see something that needs intervention let's go ahead and do it and not act like it's in advance let's act like it's just like it is a strong thing we do on a daily basis to make sure that the well being of our kids are taking care of command treated more like a disease than maybe in the past the stigmas has produced yeah I think so I think if if we really believe that it's a disease and we believe that it's it's not a condition of poor poor judgment that we need to we need to put our money where our mouth is and and act like that and not not cast a stigma upon it but but reach out a helping hand one of the things that we've done in Rochester we just recently put together a social emotional task force and what asset task force to do is to go out and find the best mental health comprehensive K. twelve mental health benchmark they can find in the nation and then we'll bring it back to it to our organization and try to replicate and so taking the initiative to be proactive and and helping kids I think it needs it needs to be more of a more of a routine just like we would if we had a child with a literacy issue we would we would offer intervention and we've got a missed make sure as a community that were were addressing a like that sure and so mentioned earlier on that the foundation has a focus area of mental health and I spent a lot of time talking to leaders like yourself and so one of the questions I wanted to ask is what can our foundation do do more of to help superintendents teachers parents in this behavioral health crisis well one of the things that you date you've done for us already and I think that you're you're doing a tremendous public service for the tire listening area southeast Michigan is is to raise awareness and then intent then to encourage collaboration even when I when I was able to participate to with the event that you described earlier in it was an opportunity for me to meet people that have already connected well and they're able to bring those resources to our school district so I I think that networking is incredibly important I think the communication and the removing of the statement talking about it as much as we can is is critically important as well and I think I had a meeting with my German today Matt Friedman I think because of that meeting that we had you met the Daniels family we did didn't can recently talk in Rochester we did we have we have a chamber of commerce event every year it's called a community outlook breakfast and usually at the press conference it's usually good news right Riley announced that world running ability around old Graham right I really thought long and hard about it this year and we decided that we are going to announce the the our social emotional task force the launching of it at that event and we're able to to contact Ken Daniels and he was able to to help us make that announcement and if you haven't heard can Daniel story it's got wrenching right it's it's so moving and we we so much appreciate that that his courage to come out and help us the launch that a valuable thank you that that makes me feel really good because the Jamie Daniels foundation can son Jamie who died of an opioid overdose is is a component of our foundation and we're helping can raise awareness raise money eventually want he wants to have the Jamie Daniels long term recovery center somewhere in southeastern Michigan and so those connections tell me that connecting people can really do some good work so anything you want to add about the what's going on in the Rochester school system well I would like to say it's it's graduation CNM prom a lot of exciting stuff happening kids transitioning but it's also an opportunity for us adults to make sure we're making sure our kids are making good and safe choices and and avoiding things like drugs and alcohol in it in a in a way that can be damaging absolutely well thank you.

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