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He was not the easiest guy to talk to. Well, I gotta go back again. Feel. My year in New York. Play I was playing and I was eating the top player on the team or the second top or the second player, what would run production runs scored or RBI's is at the time, and then I had an emergency operation on my abdomen because I had what they call adhesion. I had a blockage in, in some of my ball had got caught me. My intestine had got caught up in the in into the incision in my pin Knicks. So I get ration- feel and then at the end of the towards the end of the season when I came back I ran into the wall and suffered a serious, serious head injury and broke my shoulder. So that was that was like another year. There was just devastating. And then eighty one when I came to the Padres we had to strike year. In eighty two km spring training, of course, with dick Williams came. And I had to fight for job in center field. Dick was probably the best manager plateful I you know, I don't want to cut the other two short. But dick was the best manager. I played for dick taught me how to play I, I knew how to pre into star play with dig wins. Y tell you what the Rupe. You could flat out fly across an outfield from that center field position thing. I remember about you, and I, I saw you with San Diego face-to-face man. I'll tell you. I never saw the kind of speed. I mean, in person that I saw you had possessed a quality that was a rarity even back then. I mean Rupe? You gotta admit when it came to defense you were about as good as it got in center field. I really worked hard in the minor leagues on my outfield play I in we could fly balls every day. But I would have a gentleman named Billy script she hit me, fun goes from from second base area. He would hit me land dries, and he would have me moving before the ball was hit. He taught me how to move before the ball is hit. So every time the ball was hit. I was always moving because I knew how to get a jump on the ball. So I read the bet real good that enabled me to get to balls, a lot easier than a lotta, I'll Phyllis. I watch these guys today and everybody won't die for they won't die for fly balls. I'm trying to figure out why they won't die for plot balls. All they gotta do is take another step. You know, Roop our podcast deals with, you know, fitness health staying in shape being as good as you can be for as long as you will be on this planet. You, you seem to have one situation after another, when it came to stay healthy. Did you think about that consciously my friend when you were rampant through your major league career how gonna stay healthy? Why can't I stay healthy? What were your thoughts as a player during those travails? No feel sometime. I thought I was naked bidding. I broke my ankle broke my foot in San Diego and eighty two. Okay. My career ended because I told my shoulder up and I had rotator in labor damage so yeah, I had some unfortunate situation happens. But that's a part of life. You know, you start Crandall was spilled milk. Then, you know you're not going to continue to progress. I will be the man, I am today if I had gone through all those different experiences, you know, payers eight try to they try to insulate their kids from difficult situations. You can't not do that. Then, you know they don't they gonna learn, they got to go out there and got a fall down a couple of times. So you when you look back on your career do you look back on your career today? Rupe? Saying to yourself, man, I could have been so much more had. I've been able to stay healthy or, or my friend. Do you look back and say, thank the good Lord for blessing me with the career I had where are you on that? Continuum. I look back for a long time. I kind of regret it how career win..

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