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Dr Cheryl the for tuning in today and our special guest is Melba Patillo. beals she's one of the Little Rock nine from Little Rock Arkansas shoes. He's got the congressional Golden Medal of honor the highest in the civilian population. Anyway anyway. Thanks for tuning in welcome. Welcome MELBA joy though. Don't you think it's important Russ to help our young people to feel valued. We were talking about this earlier. Today Cheryl You know the I I think. The hardest hit or the millennials. They they almost feel hopeless. A lot of them do Because of what's what's going on and you know I I really admire what's going on with Greta. Getting out there at fifteen. I'm sure she has a lot of support. But but she's making a huge impact in. This is waking the all the younger kids are GonNa get. She's GonNa get all their attention. We need that. I I loved obligation or kids. Who stood up for? Don't shoot our fellow students out of Florida. I believe it was yeah. Young people are beginning to say. Wait a minute. Yeah I don't want to display in the younger ones. You know probably literally say I'm equal. I want you the my choice and do you dig it. I want my quality. So that's what's going on. You know well I think this window Ndo of being able to express these wonderful values in a foundation of being a good human being on healthy one anyway You know right now. Is the time now. In this time. When everybody talks about nationally how L. separated we are? Now's the time to pick up those things about us. That are not separate but by our life you know we all WanNa be loved. We all WanNa think of ourselves as equal. We all want to be emphasized as personally great like you know we did head and do bring something to the table. We are bull. We are great people. I mean everybody needs to know how special special there now -solutely let isn't always easy. You know every day It's important because we don't get it from the outside world right now because everybody's suffering with what's going on so I find that I have to pull it out of my every ounce so I can stay positive live even just at a smile to somebody at the news I I just I wonder if I said I'm former news. Report for NBC here at work. Acuity was our public station and so I tend to be a news hound US really. Am I get a burly warning six and listening to radio watching museum team to eat would've told myself lately. No yeah it's feeding your unconscious you know you go to bed at night and your your mind has to process although I just feel like wait a minute with with with what's going on you with our everything. Our our system of politics is killing us. That's for sure and we. We have to somehow come together because amid all of this by a it's going on I'm going to tell you the truth. We have have more like a liken them we do separate I mean we're we're Americans you people program here. Well it's you know. And they said when they said one nation under God that's what they meant. That's what the forefathers thanks to mine in there the we we have to remember that after the only way this happens is that we can't do this. We absolutely you know when I talk to you on the air. This way in I broadcast the only thing I hope to broadcast love. I don't WanNA broadcast a separation. I Cheryl. I just hope that you know you you spray such love when you broadcast. I hope I'm doing the same thing. Oh absolutely I mean just your your voice alone Melba. Well I hope to be loving. I hope we can all be loving in. It's a good reminder when when when a friend family whomever is showing you care you you can't help but feel it the measure so closed off but you know then we can share it and keep sharing every day so we can all stay in love in Nazeer outstanding love. Look you you know I have to tell you the truth. There's so much going on that we need each other for our canes fires floods Wait a minute we have this late 'til you time. I said when our time to fight. Are you looking at the news today. A huge fire burning in Los Angeles one burning northern talk. When I do by the way? WanNa ask teaching the not taken so much prophet and they'd put more of our lines. Get better off a little question hanging in my mind and Dave announced writing my blog. I thought aw I'm good at a rate that down you know but okay so here. We are and my question is for us to figure out ways that we're going to Fight this we need to come together and I said that sorry. That's what that's what it's going to take as we together. You know the strangest looking person. It's the person out there with the green knows in the purple grades and the forehead with thick tax on it. That's the God. Look out and get rid of the fire. You know what I mean. We can't afford to make fun of Martians or anybody. We don't know who knows knows what. And we don't know why our maker our creator. Whatever religion we are sent these people to Earth? The beavis is well there's a reason because they know something we don't know what do you mean is nice secret. I don't WANNA marry everybody. I meet I don't WanNa have generally them. I don't WanNa be there airbag BSS. But I'm going to stay open because everybody I meet knows something. I don't know that I shared the information that I shared the wealth of the knowledge. Can I show them voice choice and inclusion you know Sheryl Mice theory is always been oh I cannot be equal I see you. As equal equal is being equal in the reverse. If I really WANNA be equal ibis I but see other folks sequel. When I better do I have to treat them that way? And really the key the whole thing that is backdraft of all sooners. Give I give tim anonymous. These days for a professionals the words for the staff for the faculty you for Principals of Schools district administrators and the most important. My clients are the students. It just gave a big similar yesterday for for groups of students across the United States of America. It's so fabulous to talk to kids in North Dakota in Illinois in all over the place about their feelings and to look at their little face twingo one may say oh we just read you this book whereas in there you are in a here. Yeah and and that's really really great. Anybody who's interested or wants to get in touch should go to my web. which is the MELBA? BEALS DOT COM BOB Nobile popping of the mobiles that To keep my website need you know but if you're you're interested that's the way to join it. Yes and connect with Melba beals Mel. The joy deals right of pipe. Light free they're quite available on a you know available on the air. Just free for look at comment in a write me. I'm unlinked Ian and facebook and so anybody who wants to write and everything say I'm open and at the end of this When when we finish and when it gets a publicize there also will be a show sheet on there with all of her connections and all of the social network? No I think it's important for us to communicate love whom Amen if there are other things that we need to say where you're talking about love and I'm just GonNa say this one thing Johnny Talk of I've talked so many one of my shows and etc is unconditional love. And you know. It's amazing how many people don't really understand what that means and to me off in the you're wearing your green shirt or not. Well Iran. I love myself from highlight. I love you. You're content I love you I love you I love yeah I mean you know the way you were in the way you're not so it depends on how you say a phone ringing in the background. I can't apologize to the listener for that but well. I'm just happy that you joined us and we'll do this again. And thank you. Thank you for Sharing Melville's until the next time well Cheryl. I have to say why're lease it's sharing is caring. Uh We'd all be better be sharing ourselves with each other because when we look out the window out the door there's so much after we're confronting. Okay you're right thank you thanks for listening witness world. We hope you enjoyed today's episode of wealth. Transformation we encourage you to apply the information you've learned with our wise guests to make your life better and make good changes. We appreciate you more than you know for being a part of our podcast when you were moved or motivated please let this know how the show influenced your life by emailing at Dr Cheryl Dot Wealth Transformation at g mail dot com for a free consultation with Dr Cheryl to see how she can benefit you. 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