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Preserve our national identity. The second largest city would be built. So you'll be going up north and I think it's about three hours so probably a two day trip l.. Tae For their. It's better kind of to know in terms of language would be Russian Russian. I think it's more widely spoken but also the center of the city to visit. I'm really not really familiar. We will have been there once but the one that I remember the most. It's I think the language impact was very interesting. So one of the things that happened. After places were annexed by the Soviet Union is they tended to bring in people from other parts of Russia. So I'm guessing that happened more here because there's more of a Russian influences what you're saying it's going to be different cultures different. I would say culture kind of stays the same food as well but the language would be a bit different. Got It. Yeah that would be an also in the south. You feel very adventurous. There's villages in the south. So technically a few villages would would be of Dharma or Tuleya. There's you'll find monuments and museums so a lot of villages. They have their own museum. So what so you will see going into the south. You just see I would say out entity you're not looking for a while this massive or so big or so just looking king for authenticity you see how people live and how they're doing daily in. How hospitable they are and how amazingly great nice because Moldova is very welcoming? Well it's a very small country so they're always happy to have travelers coming in and discovering the beautiful country that it is one of the things. I'd have to say that I was surprised. The more I heard about. Moldova is the wine heritage because we're we are in a cooler region but of course this used to be part of Romania. Romania was part of Rome. Sue It's GONNA wind heritage going back two thousand years or so. I completely completely forgot to mention this but we do love our wine crate. We also have one of the longest wineries in the world. So underground underground wineries were stored so Moldova has a very fertile soil and we grow a lot of grapes. Actually Moldova is in shape of great. Just the country's shape it's free so I think what has to use a lot of imagination to see a great okay coincidence or not. It's not great but it's called the conglomeration of graves. Cluster of grapes. Yes so we have a few wineries that are very popular worldwide. Ain't and that would be near lashed each and Coca Cola. I've visited curricula and Is the second largest winery in the world. We it's very beautifully made. Just the grounds are so beautiful just to going there. You take a small train and you go inside. There's a lot of tastings green in the wine cellar. Okay I streets inside. That's why there is the second largest I. Yeah I just wanted to clarify that. I was understanding correctly because that is unusual. Their streets underground. There's different sellers. There's needing rules lose and tasting regions where he can see me and try out different types of wines and also a lot of people and influential people. They astore wine there for you okay. So you'd see just bottles dusted wish dust in because they've been there for so long hum floor to ceiling so you go for the sellers get on the train you brought to this section of the seller see someone go to the section of the seller and then have some tastings. It's just very interesting and I would say it's very modern and beautifully made for everyone who visits to experience doc part because yes we do have a lot of wine and people make their own wine because we have so much land with grapes. People would just make their own mine out of grapes and I. When I was small my relatives they would make it in their basement? SPROUL so you have easy access to drink in moderation gestures as he the the thing that you didn't say as you said you were talking about the world's second largest collection of wine in the world the largest collection is also in Moldova. That is militia. Mitch Mitch Okay. Yes we have creek of our poor car in humilation each okay. So it's the small niche in small so small militia which is completely appropriately named not not really small. But yeah okay which is also at both of these are relatively close to the capital city. Oh yes I mean Mugabe's a very small country one take your days to grow for one side to the upper it's really in terms of even wineries. It's a day trip in terms of market today. Trip were were. Hey that gets a day trip so everything can be done As well and I say that that's what surprised me about Moldova. Are there other things that I don't know that would be even more sporadic. Well our traditions in terms of if you have a chance to go Easter time or shell wedding bouquet. I think it would be very interesting to see how we have some beautiful traditions or their other other times of year that you must be in Moldova. I think if you want to experience the changing of the season would be full as well. Okay get out of the city. It's very beautiful to see the season changing one of the questions they usually ask at the end. I'm going to put up to this. Part of the conversation is is the. If you're standing in the prettiest spot in Moldova. Where you standing? What are you looking at me would be the older? Hey of the older. Okay okay. You're standing up by the church looking out on the village and the Valley and Valley yes just breathtaking excellent excellent. Is there any other places that you really recommend. People get to in Moldova in terms of transportation would recommend to rent a car. Try or public transit. Does it cover outside of the city. Renting a car is the way to go and my advice if you go to Moldova and it's your first time when you probably you know you might not come back. Try the traditional food be open minded with people because the our culture alternative. Generally if you walk on the street. People won't necessarily smile at your you small smile at people or something. It's a bit more reserved so be considerate red. And don't think like. Hey you're rude. It's just how the culture is and I would say that's typical with four Soviet Eastern European countries. Exactly I would expect that here but I would expect it elsewhere because it's very different from the Western culture so people actually when they know they're very nice and very confirming they will help you with anything and will give you so many things to exploring the area. But if they don't know you they would just be a bit a bit shy to say the least be open minded and discover place. Yes try the wineries go tied the CD just explored the center of the capital. If you like nightclubs CBS clubs. We have a very wonderful seen that Oh and also get a try to our traditional music goto local concert. There's a song song that the whole Globe knows which is the new one of my song that was originally from old ova. Just if you WANNA even dive even deeper are traditional national songs just the folklore. It's very different from what you've heard. Probably so listen when you're there explore more just to get into the culture a a bit more and then last question if you had to summarize motive in three words what three words would you pick cultural beautiful wonderful in a nature way. The nature is very beautiful and being very welcoming people very cultural welcoming being and it's very beautiful in places to see in it's for you to come and enjoy it. There's not a lot of tourists coming in. So if you want to discover country in its it's natural state that would be a great place to go excellent our guest again. It's been Christina Moods can from finding elevation dot com and as we said at the beginning that is not a travel site. So we're not going to send you the best blog. Post there on Moldova but Christina. Thank you for coming on on amateur traveler and talking to us about your love for Moldova. I guess unless you're having role in the community I wanted to give you birthdate on the I tunes enhanced version of the show. I've mentioned a couple times on the air here that I've got some problems with producing that going. Forward forward because apple has discontinued the software that I use to create the fact they discontinued it a number of years ago. I double checked and the version of the garage abandon. I'm using US four versions ago four major versions ago and has from two thousand and eleven. So it's only barely from the decade that we just just finished here and my editor for instance just upgraded his Mac to the latest version and can no longer run that software so that goes half of the support for that version. Just went away from me and so I have to do it myself. I am trying to find software so I can do the same thing with the enhanced version but in the MP three format format that most of you are now subscribed to there are some solutions out there. And so far. Everyone that I've seen has been pretty awful in terms of production flow. Oh and so. I'm still looking for that and hope to have some updates on that going forward but I just did want to let you know that. Don't be surprised if the enhanced version goes away at some point if I accidentally press the update button on my computer then I won't be able to run that software anymore so it's really that close to extinction at this point until until I can find a different solution one other change to the show that I'm hoping to make this year is I've had a number of people who requested a Patriae. On version of amateur traveler traveler that is to be able to support Ama- traveler using a regular patriae on contribution. And I'm looking at doing that here. In the first part probably the first quarter of two thousand twenty. But I'm looking for ideas of what I can provide you value whether it'd be special episodes on something on topics for instance in travel or I access to amateur traveler trips. If you have ideas on that I'm going to start a thread in the amateur travel facebook group that's facebook dot com slash amateur traveler to discuss. What kind of things would be of value to you the listener so that we can potentially get that starting again? I'm doing that because people have requested that they would like to be able to support the show. There will still be a free version of the show as well with that. We're going to end this episode of Amateur Traveller Traveler. Puberty questions sent an email to hosted amateur traveler dot com or better yet. Leave a comment on this episode at Amateur Travel Dot Com. Thanks so much for listening..

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