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Okay. So I know we're primarily a comedy show. So I'm gonna apologize in advance for this week's diatribe is sad one. So if you normally listen to this show on the way to work to get a few laughs in through the commute. Maybe skip ahead to the headlines, and you listen to this bed some other time because I'm going to be talking about death this week and not in the abstract. So if you've been to an atheist convention in the last decade or so anywhere in the northern hemisphere. There's a pretty solid chance that you met Deborah McTaggart while you were there, and if you met her it's highly unlikely you wouldn't remember it. She was crazy short or hair was to shades off of fire hydrant, and she was gregarious four a Canadian, and even if you never made it to conventions. There's a pretty good chance you knew her as heretic woman from beyond the trailer park. She was very much a member of the family of atheist podcasters that I'm proud to lend my fraternity to cherish member. That she wasn't just the kind of person that everybody likes the kind of person that you couldn't even envision somebody disliking. And I say was because on Sunday morning this past week. She died in her sleep. She was a frighteningly young forty six years old. And she was a listener she was a colleague, and she was a friend. She blacked Lucinda more than me. But to be fair everybody who knows us does and listened as about the only person on the planet that could Makerfield tall. So that probably factored into it as well. But my. World definitely got a little darker when I saw the news on Facebook this week. So what do we do right? I mean, we're Theus tes. There are a lot of differences between us and religious, folks. But this is kind of the main one, isn't it the fact that they get to hide in an imaginary shelter when storms like this common. Pretend they didn't get wet. I mean, I still contend that. Religion doesn't help people when their loved ones die and as evidence of that. I'd offer up every funeral ever. But at least it helps them ignore the real hard parts. Right. But not us. We have to take death right in the fuck and heart all at once and that's hard to do. But it's what your loved ones deserve. Right. We shouldn't rob them of their totality to paper over our own fears. What Deborah was is all she will have ever been and love it or leave it..

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