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Still more than a week away, claiming Mr Rogers that's under there was not love kfbk. Sacramento BKF Alpine's Sacramento's number one for breaking news, local news, traffic and weather news 93.1 kfbk. From ABC News. I'm Dave Packer right now. President Biden speaking at the White House today. Uh, Have hit another milestone key milestone. In our nation's fight against Covid as the Covid 19 vaccine from Pfizer gets full FDA approval, the president, saying the move could convince some who are on the fence about getting vaccinated. Rescue efforts in Tennessee after deadly weekend flash flooding 21 people dead in the deluge. Some 40 people missing ABC, Selwyn Lopez is in Waverly, Tennessee. Creeks lined with cars swept away record rainfall pummeling the area more than 17 inches in less than 24 hour. We spoke to Michael, who was rescued as rising waters trapped him in. It was terrifying. I'm sitting there looking at everything that I just lost. Many roads washed away power lines wrapped in the debris. Officials Searching through cars and homes looking for the missing. Meanwhile, in the Northeast, what's left of tropical storm setting off flood warnings from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania? What's left of Anri is slowing down significantly. It's rain bands sprawling over nine states putting 40 million people under a flash flood Watch Sunday, Henry becoming the first tropical storm to make landfall in New England. In 15 years at the height of the storm, more than 100,000 power outages were reported across the Northeast, where waves up to 19 FT slammed the coast. ABC s Andrew Dim Bert the situation outside of Kabul's airport, still chaotic, A firefight there has.

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