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Still refusing to apologize to the country, the not all carrots who go not most Harris go out. So I was talking about my friend Lee. NEARY quotas Carris to. Come. into. The next him out of his wheelchair to change him. In back into his, we'll try you know the help is. but these terrorists don't have the equipment or the P. E. They require. So they may be spreading. You know they different people's a to do the job not I'm not saying it's bad or anything Joan, is that stage all? Cool it. You know to help people to fold the. Questions to be awesome. The government, the you you know electing. Sight amongst go. Ed Let. Can can I interrupt rights for Jane before we move on from that because? I I want to ask. Do, you know where the suppliers from the UK or receiving that equipment from is that from China possibly. Yes. Is he there there's an issue there and Mr Trump has been addressing that with these. Providers because that's a horrible thing what is happening right there. When when we have? We have Possibly one factory building over there, and then you got different providers that is selling the equipment at different costs and that's creating a. Struggle Yeah. That's that's the story on getting. Yes But what happened in the UK we use the manufacture these stuff just like the saints but Bit. Political. So are you know when good? that. We have to talk about that you know and. Mountain. Yes The effects everything. But when we joined the European Union. Like or love it. I'm a bit of those undecided I enjoy the benefits of being able to travel vases Amsterdam Harris without needing visa without Juno what I mean like yeah. Back to the milk and water. The open borders I enjoy that because I can go What is it a few times I travels from Wales? So I've crossed. From Wales to England England, the from France to Belgium. into the Netherlands. Ironically. And I get it by coach to know what? I mean. I was actually seeing these. Countries. Now, what's the WHO brexit situation is over that Happen so. Yes I like that didn't like the EU were able. We didn't vote for the price of European Union in know yet. said. But we didn't. The people what minute you saying women to be or people, and you say, well, we don't trust you vote who went to lead this political institutions. Yeah to us it's to me it's kind of. It's kind of like. You know over the governor's voting Ole, the price is going to be but not asking the people. If. That makes sense. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. What That's actually how the EU to me elect the price of them, and then not decision these rock defined by So the people don't get say the only thing that people does lay it is who that congressman it's. You know it doesn't make sense with brexit itself. It has its benefits but all fall from seeing those benefits, the government promised three, hundred, fifty, million miles a well the prime minister. Promised Three, hundred and fifty million pound extra the jess now the chess. And I know in the states don't have socialize. Not like Gus have socialized the. It's Leaning there. Oh you're coming. Unique. Might. Tell you family district? So my grandmother. she was a nurse she had traded in the NFC dress. The third year the unadjusted stop it. So she was one of the first. This is to qualify within you know within this, not this whole new national houses, the best bit about the National Health Services and I seen it from your point of view to go to hospital and they say a, can you pay treatments? You know what I mean. It's like you have until. I was in states making ninety five. I was only a child, but my uncle. who is traveling wiggles because my great aunt used to live in a place Vacaville. Just outside San Francisco between San Francisco Sacramento. So I've been conflict fun. I'd be twice on my. So many find eve. My uncle got ill just before fight home. And he had good hospital. I think it was because he was a bladder Because she was off the Show Zabel gone her insurance or something you know something like that and I remember I always remember this in the UK. We don't have to worry about stuff like that if I get ill like. Inaudible comes. Give. My GP COIL can get an appointment you know what I mean Malraux. If needs be I can be refitted onto hospital if I need if I walk down the street and break my leg tomorrow. And I need an X-ray. Lasted? It can either call my mom be taken to an emergency. or quote an ambulance I don't have to worry about inner. It's going to cost this this this this. Before actually get treated. You know if I have to go. If I have to have an eye test. Some some opticians do charge. Well, that's life you their sentences if in pace dentistry you pay. For Check But the rest of the whip is free slot makes sense. You know. So the NHS. Someone who has a disability even if you don't have a disability and You're one of the richest people in the country the annick dress doesn't discriminate against you. So. When I don't know if you're seeing a lot of stuff coming from a minister is moment because he's insane or the dress will my point to with the energy or? The NHL didn't care that. This man was the prime minister. He was given the same treatment as. Someone who was home las. Road those those. You.

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