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I'm victorious she nowousted and these life we've pats where we celebrate parts and the people who love them each week on the show i'll explain a different facet of parenting from troubleshooting challenges like leader bots problems dealing with many pop prints on the couch to learning all about how you can help toxin cats by fostering you'll hear from amazing gas and announce the results you'll also hear from million my studio patten makes the snoring in the background we got new episodes launch an every monday so make sure to listen exclusively at cod cast onecom for new podcast went after poor it apple podcast and it would be great if you could rate and replenish also added pet gains can find it that's pattern these a life with pats learn laugh and become a better pat lever along the way now back to all of the above with norman lear to deepen comes in if he if therefore four people a nineteen people in in front of him you'll see app well i i think the man is nine and a half feet ferry for almost always seen that way to be open a dark come on nj guarantee bodies here after another good afternoon tbone burnett everybody how are you know where you robert plant and alison krauss robert clients at alison krauss were play that saw all sin city limits and that's when people acceptance what they come together did you put that together no yeah i would i wish that i i mean i don't wanna say on i'm glad i got a chance to work with them but uh i actually think my friend bill flanagan who is used to produce a show called roads mtv and dillah show called unplugged mtv of an interesting television producer and ride her brilliant music ride reach us he does things on cbs sunday morning he does music stores while i've seen him yeah yeah and i think that was his idea to put the two of them together for one of those cross roadshows were rock and roll person sing so the country personal they are whether they were big hit there they were they were they were terrific with it's that turned into a whole thing of all its own you know they were they were a powerful douro and you that record an idea are great.

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