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Discount stores. At low prices. You're not going to put in your best varieties and your best bulbs. I did read it, and I noticed that Tulips over. I guess another one's Robert said. They just replenish yourself each year here, you got to replant them about every two or three years. No. But I guess it zwei there brewing over there. I don't know that That's true enough. Yeah. Already appreciated talking to you. And there is some coffe Manaea. White tulips School Concerto. That was still there last week, and those will come back for 20 years. Okay short, but there's good selection of daffodils, you'll be able to how many's definition wanting to put a Roger Um, tree? I don't know. I just, um I guess the trees about 20 ft High 25, you know, and they They did a real nice job when they planned it. So I I have to figure out you put him about a foot apart. No, I I'd put him around nine inches eight inches apart. And then count the motions for is well, at least Calvin count. The mulch is half. So if you have three into both talent as an inch and a half Okay? Because the multiple eventually compacting decompose. Yeah. So Cal, it I mean that alright daffodils that are planted near the surface. Can't divide up faster and need more frequent digging and division. Bulbs planted deeper down. Don't divide his fast. See you don't get this many bulbs with, you know, to dig up everything and you're not gonna be able to dig up those daffodils within those l'm roots. No, it's true. So it might isn't what playing them down deeper. Um Uh, it would be hurt, even go down the foot. No, it's because they're going in so late, Let's say nine inches. All right. And don't expect him to bloom. When everybody else is. Daffodils are blooming, and I'll just be late. They're gonna be very late, okay? Already. I thank you very much. You take care. Okay. Bye bye. Asian as you're aware the parables, including some amaryllis and some paper, whites, 75% off. Let's go next to Glyndon. Good morning, Joe. I have a question about red maple tree. A sound of a feeling that I live in the woods and I found the feeling growing and I wouldn't know if there's any way I can tell if it's a miniature or it'll be a full side trade. Um, I have one red maple. It's all probably 200 ft away. And it's a full size but this one's in the woods came a point in time. Well, when the leaves come out, Yeah. Be leaves on the full size. Trees are large. Yeah. Believes on the Japanese maples are not smaller. Oh, good, good. And the ones that is very low, the weeping one's arm or divided, but there were also s'more. Smaller ones have smaller Lee's good. Good, Okay. Think thank you and not know when is the best time to malt. I believe the best time to mulch is in the winter because it goes much faster. Because There's nothing you know, even most over most of the perennials you most over the bulbs. And they come up through it. So he goes much faster. Good, good. Okay, Sometimes I waited too long. And then there's weeds and I have the weed and that's that. What if I couldn't do it earlier, so I can't can't do it in the winter. When mulching my yard As we speak Great. Okay. Thank you. Thanks. It takes many, many, many truckloads of moth. Yeah. Okay, Thanks again and appreciate your ship. Right? You take care of All right, let me vent you. My favorite tree service, The one that's gonna work on my house in early February. The one I always used. It's called a cut above. You want to take this number down. There's two tree services that are called a cut above. This one is located in 20 Town and Hampstead. And your number is for 109840469..

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