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Com that's Fortinet federal dot com good Tuesday afternoon it's five twenty eighths traffic and weather on the eight and when it breaks get better traffic wise and weather wise but not so much in Stafford county Virginia the big truck wreck happened during the heavy rainfall earlier this afternoon south bound near mile marker one thirty eight they are still working on it two left lanes getting by occasionally traffic has been stopped altogether for the heavy duty tow trucks to reposition the got a big crane working on the cab of the truck that went off the road the right side south down to getting by two lanes to the left south of exit one forty and about a mile and a half before center poor parkway on I. ninety five southbound from warns an Opel on route twenty nine the backup leads to a crash beyond Lees mill road before the seventeen split noble you were getting by in a single file the right southbound on route twenty nine south of Warrington sixty six the crash westbound after Nutley street clear no issues on the beltway in Virginia and getting much better on the beltway in Maryland the outer loop after George after telling vehicles off the right shoulder but traffic has recovered and traffic is moving with just a brief delay west Georgia Avenue on the outer loop two seventy nothing in the way between Rockville and Frederick near the Baltimore Washington parkway believe four fifty is now open both ways the crash investigation should well have concluded south bound to ten near Farmington road the painting was along the left side or at least a work zone was **** business is the trusted expert for all things business technology with flexible solutions to help you run your business the way that works for you learn more **** business dot com Dave told on WTOP traffic after early round of showers and storms I anticipate more showers and storms to pop up throughout the region in the coming hours any storms we see could be on the strong to severe side gusting winds and.

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