Stacey Abrams, President Trump, Donald Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Slash save station. CBS news and ach actually CNN to a CBS news poll says seventy six percent of viewers of the state of the union approved. What they heard President Trump say. To CBS. Seventy two percent say they approved President Trump's ideas for immigration. According to a flash CNN poll just revealed seventy six percent of yours approved of Trump's state of the union speech with fifty nine percent saying very positive on his immigration policies. So what does that mean? And of course, the the response of those that are radical left say that putting wall between us in the voting booth is something that is a failure. The the Latino vote the idea declaring a national emergency at the border just to build a wall as though sincerety illegal. Jake tapper tweets source, close to Stacey Abrams says that she didn't watch the president's speech. Indeed, she focused on his policies. Not is worse tonight source also says Abrahams wrote the speech yourself. So Stacey Abrams response was was not about the speech itself. But just something that she came up with. There you go. So there you have it. Most people, of course, that didn't hear the speech decided just to give an opinion on the speech without even listening to it. Now, I haven't given an opinion on his speech because I didn't get to hear the whole speech. I got bits and pieces of it. When I heard seemed very positive. What I'm talking about tonight to is by response in that is the ideologies of this country are so divided. And so we I mean, look somebody giving a comment. On the speech, the president gave without even reading the speech or listening to the speech, but she feels the need to give comments Stacey Abrams gives the democratic response. Without even listening to the speech without even reading the speech. What the hell is that all about? I mean, sure it was she has to say about you know, times division. We must come together and stand with one another how I could read that to you and tell you that too. So well nice in the platitudes are great. But that doesn't change who the real enemy is. And that has any enemy. Promotes transnational criminality that makes deals with the cabal that is the intelligence deep state and allows for globalism to remain to actually come into this country and destroy sovereignty. And allow for words out of context we used against people who are fighting for constitutional..

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