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Brittany. I was just GonNa jump in and <hes> Ken. We're getting a little bit of feedback from your wine so I don't know if there's wind or static or something <hes> but just wanted to let you know from that in so I'll let my way okay yeah. No I'll let really much better sounds great. Go ahead Brittany okay well. Well I mean would you do is is absolutely amazing and there's countless lives and family members of the people who greatly benefit from what you do and I just have to say thank you so much for that and and what I would like to know. Is You know what are some of the more kind of specific resources that the foundation authors to military members and veterans and their family well the foundation had to resist a lot of temptation in areas that were not related to the family and <hes> we didn't do that. We stayed in lane and because of that what we did evolve when we did grow we grew in ways that would be supportive of veterans fans not doing something that had no relationship at all and wasting resources on valuable money <hes> that we obviously need it formed a was actually married. You'll Myers the wife of the former chairman of the joints USA stuff that help us on them called hero miles and hero miles miles is basically a program where people can donate Osu's frequent flyer miles to us and we will in turn buy tickets airline tickets for family members to go back and forth the government government as we know. Does it one time but families don't don't come to their lives and their issues come to a grinding halt because of what is in the hospital they need to go back and forth. They need first of all unique respite on they need a a break. They need they <hes> they need to heal themselves. In so many cases the primary healthcare advocate which is a great deal of responsibility of itself and bills needs to be paid hero miles helps family members go back and forth in addition. We have a program called hotels because it's basically the same concept but instead of airline tickets people could get their unused credit card points you can now by.

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