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Trust Christine. Monday while you drive to work America's largest cities are now shrinking where's everyone moving and developers to build specifically for the homeless okay of being a morning news news ninety three point one of being gay. Patrick here for Roseville new ms Matix you know more Sonya didn't you know I saw the story of the day's benefactor there could be a treasure that you're not even aware of maybe the addict was a whole article about that there's a couple of interesting stories I wanted to share with you regarding Roseville numismatics couple different gals came into the store there and said eight ninety eight Douglas Boulevard in Roseville not knowing what they have is their husbands had collected a bunch of coins throughout their many years of their marriage both the husbands unfortunately passed away but one of the ladies. went to Rosal numismatics they wrote a check for over forty thousand dollars the other one they water check for over twenty thousand they had no idea that that was worked out but these are the people that you trust to find out if you do have something I mean it managing outside in surprise they were. in the end of course it would help you feel more secure in your retirement years also another lady couple of months ago same situation they cut a check for fifty thousand dollars they have story after story like this were basically you know you have no idea which many find gold silver whatever and did they bring it in and if you're in that case that situation where you have something you're not sure what it's worth at least check it out taking the Roseville numismatics and coin shop and telling Patrick said you were easy to find eight ninety eight Douglas Boulevard in Roseville rose real name is Max record shop they'll grow Honda we see every all the buyer is a member of the family so we.

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