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His father is trainer in the corner between the first and second rousing. That's not our fight like that. You were sitting there with that. I I love hearing very nice. Love is love hearing that because when you go out of character which he was doing going for the knockout. That's when you get knocked out and then guess what your record becomes blemish lose your title. Because because he wanted to chase something. That's not you don't do that man. Get the win. Get your head out of your ass get the win. Let's move on. What are you talking about like you get? You can get a win but when when does winning by decision move the needle at all. When does beating did beating macek select for Android do anything for his career? In fact I think he lost momentum because of that he he had this guy hurt in the first round that I couldn't see left hands coming. He was buckled up in the second round with the same attitude. Maybe you get a stoppage and then you have some momentum to get Kamilo fight or GALOP can fight or Charles by download. You are a critic and I respect your opinion. I am a boxer respect mine. He's pitching shutouts. You know how difficult it is to win every single round thirty six minutes of a fight and he does it in. He pitched shutouts. He doesn't let you hit him and he almost gets you out. He knocks down opponents. He knocked down contract. We knocked down so lucky he can take him out not that he doesn't have power just not in his character. I've problem was. He didn't try after that. At first round he like. Maybe like if you go for it in the second round and selected with a couple of shots all right back up and fight more of a defensive takes one shot it takes one shot the next thing you know trying to please Chris Mannix just ruined. His career gets a blemish on. His career is not me by trying to please you okay. It's not me. He didn't get a big fight he he he fought that fight June and fought nobody else. The rest of the year was not even mentioned in the conversation with Cannella work does not have Charlotte so clearly. It's not just me saying that really didn't do much for him he knocks him out. I think that does a lot for him. He knocks Luke keillor out. Would you admit that knocking Lou keillor does not more. I think he's going to stop. Okay addict would you like if he beats Luke keillor twelve round decision. You're going to be like good job like if he goes one. twenty-one wave it's a shootout yes this is no he's GonNa start he needs to stop killer. I agree with you. He's going to have to stop a fighter like Luquillo one because he has been stopped before and he's been stopped by who thom durant or something like that. Yeah so he's been stopped before one until he's not on his level so this is let's get it clear it's a stay busy fight for Dimitrios android. They throw a bone. This is a stay busy. Fight strictly for that and he needs to get that impressive massive win so yes for this one he needs a knockout life needs. He signed a four or five extension match them. Those need to be big final coming up and that Charles should be front and Center for both those guys all right. Let me talk to you about conor Conor McGregor and the box out there. Now chasing Conor McGregor McGregor you know came back and UFC two forty six one in spectacular style reestablished himself ELP as top UFC guy and in the immediate aftermath. You had floyd mayweather on social media teasing a rematch against Conor McGregor for weeks before you. You had manny Pacquiao and his representatives. I WANNA fight Conor McGregor. You have bud Crawford and top rank saying we'll fight. CONOR McGregor in boxing will move over to the to the UFC and a UFC match against Crawford. What do you make of all these huge boxing stars fighting are looking to fight? UFC's ABC's biggest star. They're chasing the money. They're chasing the easy money because beating Conor McGregor in a boxing fight. It's easy money. I think any top ten contender can beat Conor McGregor Gregor. Have you seen him. Warm up with that arm wing thing can you imagine punching. He falls off balance he can go the distance. He got tired halfway through the fight with mayweather. He doesn't have the legs is to talk to box thirty six minutes. You're not on your toes and the UFC your wrestling can take breaks. It's just apples and oranges two different sports. That's why every Reebok's including myself throw my name in the mix. I'm celebrating a fight that that man I mean. He's not a boxer. Stay over there. But he's popular. He's a he's a caricature he he's like a An Irish mayweather. You know everyone wants to see him get his ass kicked but it's not going to happen because he's a really good. MMA fighter but he's not a good boxer. So yes everybody what everybody wants to fight him for the money that easy money. So is there any boxing match that you'd want to see Gregor no zero. I look I don't disagree. Yeah I mean I think it look especially when it's on paper view. It's just an unbelievable money. Grab like I didn't go to Mayweather McGregor the first one. Because why would I waste a weekend night and August to go go watch fight. I know how it's GonNa end like that doesn't do anything for packy out might even more violently McGregor's about Pacquiao fights the one thing I would say with I. I don't want to necessarily want to see this. But if they made like a to fight thing with Crawford Okay because you look down the pipe. There's nothing for Crawford in twenty twenty top. Rank has major problems making any kind of a fight of any kind of significance for Crawford is another one in the mix. And what did you have in common with every with android southpaw. Aw Amateur Pedigree. His his problem though is more politics than anything else and he won't fight Sean Poor. That's a big problem too. But if he can't I don't care if it's like if you can't get a fight against one of the top guys or even a top ten guy at welterweight I can see Crawford going in fighting a to fight McGregor and getting something out of it because Crawford Crawford is not as big star as Pacquiao and mayweather you fight conor McGregor and Connor McGregor never fight Crawford ever. Are you kidding me for money. No you're nuts. No that's another one money. Money doesn't solve everything well if it Kinda does or if it goes over to. UFC people would watch now man. Look no no no that. That's the wrong style match four horsemen more smart wrong for anybody. Some of the stupid. You find someone. If you're if you're conor McGregor you fight someone that people know but that's very limited not athletic not not fast not powerful not a pound for pound God authored. McGregor should be nervous about fighting Crawford in any in any sense of the word taught all men. Look I. Just stay away from Crawford. Don't don't mention that may even somehow that man would do something. Great Emanate Woods because he wrestled in middle school. Like I played a musical instrument. Middle School doesn't mean that can play at the Boston. POPs when I met Terence Crawford at Staples Center you know I went up to him. I go up too many boxes but I went up to him and I said hey man I got to say it's amazing easy to see you fight man watching you fight as watching a black Bruce Lee and he started laughing. I command amazing. What you do from southport Orthodox I go it just comes natural? I love watching you fight and he just need granny smiley goes I appreciate it. He's that special. So I I mentioned Bruce Lee thing because if he goes into anime somehow he can kick. If you've practiced three months and kicking that man will probably kick and it's not that I'm telling you practice to three months kicking and you can become a good. He's athletic I mean. Look at Bruce Lee. He's the study Muhammad Ali tapes tapes. He used to do the. Yeah a very good one. What do anything I was? I sat cage. Each side was when James Toney went over to fight randy couture at that point like ten fifteen years ago and that was an embarrassment names. Tony got in there and there was another one the first legs. And there's another one. There's two boxers I went into the I think it was It went well. Hell you never goes. Well they're usually a fighters that are past their prime when no legs eggs if you're going to go into the Ma better have a spring in your step when you get your legs but doesn't it this sport. The crop couldn't learn in a matter of months. There's no way you could learn that no matter uh I just said he can learn how to kick week learn. Who Just Jesse McGregor should stay away from him? Yeah you should literally getting a headache listening to you. Talk it circles here wash wash that that you should try being knee for once. Yes that's exactly what it's like but look I'm telling you right now. Up Mcgregor should stay away from Chris. They get easy money. Yes all right. Well I think I think it's it would build crop profile thing if he fought McGregor and I think he'd win in boxing and lose badly but he's pro would built in two thousand twenty one and it's not going to happen. It's is probably not gonNA happen either. Either real quick McGregor. UFC does a great job of building stars from not from scratch but you know one star Fades Age. The next one comes in you had Rhonda Rousey Huge Star in. UFC when she you know separate from them yet McGregor come up. They just had two guys with like double digit losses or something on their resume as madrazo fight for the with the baddest motherfucker belt or whatever that was. Yeah they just they. They did a great job of building stars Wise Boxing. It's such a problem at that and people would say it with you. I've seen a problem so you already. You're already rubbing me the wrong way by saying it's a problem. It's not out of problems. It's no it's not. It's a different demographic you're hitting a different demographic in the USC you're hitting that that wrestling WWF wwe demographic what is it. It's young white and in boxing. It's it's it's Latino populated with the pay per view. It's older and older and white so it's just a different demographic you're not gonNA you're trying to get pulled that crowd but no I mean who's buying pay per view is going to be the young kids that want to watch. This and Conor McGregor is very popular and he took a page out of Mayweather's book He. He he He's doing something that most most fighters most fighters don't do any carries himself with Swaggie and he does what mayweather does but for a WWF MA audience audience. Well there's a simple answer though that is often repeated in the UFC the best the best consistently like the top guys is fight all the time whereas in boxing we spend more time talking about guys. That's because they're all under one umbrella right. They're all under the umbrella you agree. That's the biggest problem politics in building stars like furious fighting wilder but one of the reasons I think that's not going to do as well as they hope it doesn't pay per view is because neither one of those guys has fought a lot of top competition prior to so you know Middle America. Those guys are you know the post you might hardcore boxing fan. Sure do but that's a major problem in depth opponents at boxers top. Fox's don't have is is a problem I agree with you it happens occasionally all right good fight this weekend. The best fighter card this weekend you have a different opinion but I think the farmer. Joe Joe Dias featherweight title fight ten far putting his hundred thirty pound title online against the back and forth with these two kind of building up for the last six months to a year with their social. Media's farmer has had kind of an android type run since he signed with his own title. He stayed busy but he hasn't had a marquee win. Joe Joe Dias. He lost his toughest fight to date against got Gary Russell. Now he's moving up two hundred thirty pounds on seven farmer. Let's start with WHO..

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