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Sign of strength it's very easy to attack but against Lindsay has come out and going into the Middle East out of that work out that data going into Iraq work out. so we have a disagreement on that for his part senator Gramm said today that Iran needs to learn a hard lesson that can disrupt the world I think this is a moment of testing for the region the United States and I hope we pass the test in the eyes of the idol ran which has denied involvement in the attack warned the US it will retaliate immediately if it is targeted critics say president trump's fuel standards shake up today will worsen global warming and make the air dirtier he insists he's clearing the way for as he tweeted today significantly more jobs jobs jobs trump is provoking California's authority to set stricter auto mileage standards a waiver that was given to tackle its big smog problem back in nineteen seventy house minority leader Kevin McCarthy of California argues making cars for two different standards makes no sense you can deal and have clean air at the same time have economic growth but I think that's the way that we should look at working together president trump says his administration's unified standard will make cars for less expensive and safer California Attorney General hobby of Serra sounded optimistic today that he can block trump's efforts we're going to do what we must to protect the rights that we've had for some fifty years. legal experts said the trump administration may have a tough time defending a suit of labor has never been revoked in the half century the clean air act has been the law of the land following trump's tweet today by the way the environmental protection agency said EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler and transportation secretary Elaine Chao have a major policy announcement planned at the EPA's headquarters tomorrow morning after a spate of mass shootings preceded and followed by posts on social media the Senate commerce committee asked executives of Google Facebook and Twitter today what they're doing to sanitize their platforms Bloomberg irv Chapman reports from Capitol Hill all made statements similar to Facebook's Monica bickered we will remove any content that celebrates a violent act we also will remove any organization that has proclaimed a violent mission we also don't allow anybody who has engaged in organized hate and we remove hate speech record said Facebook's technology did not immediately recognize and block the live feed of the New Zealand mass murder and has since been improved and all noted the migration of content they banned the what they call the dark corners of the internet my capitol Hiller for Chapman Bloomberg radio India just became the latest country to ban electronic cigarettes only days after vaping products from tool labs vanished from online Chinese market places the moves are a signal that as the tide turns against fading Asian nations may.

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